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Bear with us

You may get the impression that the articles we are posting have no chronological order. You’re right. With very limited means we are attempting to cover the literally thousands of articles posted in French over the past 12 months. And they are attempting...

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Grand Master ignores the Landmarks

The Grand Master of the GLNF transgresses the 12 points (landmarks) in an exchange of letters with Nicolas Sarkozy In the December 1st edition of the French weekly public affairs magazine “L’Express” journalist François Koch dropped a bombshell in French...

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New lodges in France ?

For English speaking brethren intending to be founders of new lodges in France Various petitions for new English speaking lodges to be founded in France are underway. It is obvious that you cannot send in these petitions at the moment to the GLNF. Be...

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Suggestions for a new Constitution

Many brethren of the GLNF are wondering about the form it will adopt when re-founded, once the present set up has been discarded. Suggestions that have been made include the following, but let it be clear; they are only suggestions, which will need to...

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Stay with us !

Brethren The present situation of the GLNF is, to say the least, unheard of! Since it was founded in 1913, it has never known so shattering or long lasting a crisis Unlike previous crises, it is not, as the “spiritual guide” (GM Stifani and his various...

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Winter General meeting of the SCPLF

Although the craft in France is governed by a craft Grand Lodge, which is sovereign for the craft degrees, it is influenced, ritually, by the Rites or Chapters under the A&ASR, the French or Modern Chapter and the Grand Priory for the Rectified Rite that...

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