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Have a « Nice Matin », Miasmas!!!!!

The GLNF crisis got a good serve in the December 31st edition of the French Riviera daily, Nice Matin, 3 articles to finish off a year most of us would prefer to forget. Journalist, Jean-Paul Fronzes, opened with an article on page 16 headlined : “The...

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Dissension in the ranks – the return match

www.blog-brie-champagne.com gives us the latest episode in the the Gnomon Lodge saga (Gnomon –Acte IV, December 31st). The Super Prefect’s decree n° 232 delivered by registered letter closes the Lodge and demands the return of its warrant. The decree...

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Stifani the TV star

If ever you doubted that our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul of Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited “billets doux” from Nicolas Sarkozy did not know that a Freemason works discreetly, and, if you have an hour...

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From Mr S to Mr X

GLNF and corruption, internal and international. The following article, backed up by links to documents and books on open sale in France, is perhaps the most complete collection of incriminating scandals involving the GLNF nationally and in Africa. Signed...

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