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A dummy's guide to the mess !!!

From LML blog, signed Tamino, we translate with pleasure this very good résumé which we flippantly call Guide to the Mess ! Apologies to Tamino! In French on LML: Point sur une situation confuse Tr. Arturusrex Only one thing is clear: the ex “Guide” is...

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What now ???

If the GLNF is no longer recognized, what is our situation as brothers, in the Jurisdictions? LML in English has received the following communication from Philippe Thomas, Chairman of the World Conference of Jurisdictions of the Moderns Rite, Former Supreme...

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UGLE "Wait & see" until June 20th !!!

UGLE « Wait & see » until June 20th !!! The joint communiqué from the 5 Grand Lodges of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg has taken more definite form by the publication of a formal announcement from the Grand Lodge of Belgium, not...

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François Stifani "snubbed" in Columbia !!!

On Myosotis PACA link César du Bar de la Marine reports that all did not go as planned for François Stifani at the 11th World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges at Cartagena des Indias in Columbia. This was probably the last chance for our ex-self-proclaimed...

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