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Scotland and Ireland as well ???

Scotland and Ireland as well ??? We are sure the information is reasonably correct but for the moment, without proof, we can only present it as a strong rumour. A reader of Myosotis PACA , GLNF member and also member of a Lodge in Scotland has left a...

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Now we know where the UGLE stands !!!

Now we know where the UGLE stands !!! Subject: Lodges and Chapters under GLNF - English Masons not to visit Message from the Metropolitan Grand Secretary and Scribe E To: All London Secretaries and Scribes E Cc: The MetGL & MetGC Executive, Metropolitan...

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Words and Worse, Mots et Maux !!!

WORDS AND WORSE, MOTS ET MAUX Arturusrex Orators are common in Continental masonry. Not so in English. Orators, appointed as such while not necessarily experienced masons, in the Continental systems, soon learn the perils and chaos out of order their...

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The "Livre Blanc" in English !!!

LML in English is proud to bring you the Livre Blanc for the refounding of the GLNF translated into English. Many thanks to the Brethren who have worked so hard to produce this publication since the Assizes at Montreuil in February. And many thanks to...

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