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Miss Monique gets another 6 months

On the basis of the repeated delays in the court procedure, and therefore still no decision from the Paris Court of Appeal, Maître Legrand’s mandate to administer the GLNF Association affairs has been extended for another 6 months until January 24th,...

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Just an idea, Juste une idée

by Arturusrex Just an idea .... The situation of the GLNF is now more desperate than ever before. . By September 14th, Stifani will not have budged an inch. Suspension by UGLE will therefore be confirmed and nothing on the horizon suggests there will...

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The Anglo-Saxon Rites join the revolt

The Anglo-Saxon Rites join the revolt link We, whose names are published below, labouring under the Emulation, Scottish Standard and York Rites, Considering to be concerned, in the same way as those Rites with Jurisdictions, by the events that perturb...

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