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Brussels pouts at François Stifani

Last Thursday and Friday the regular meeting of the Grand Masters of European Grand Lodges was held in Brussels. Despite no longer being the Grand Master of the GLNF François Stifani travelled north to the Belgian capital. As is his habit he arrived late...

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Intimate reflexions ex-tempore

Thinking that many of us are able to read in both English and French, and as LML in English is precisely for such readers, Arturusrex proposes a light weight exercise translating the following text by our Bard, Aneirin. French translation at the end of...

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New (non) Developments and real consequences of urgency. The following text is signed by Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau and put out on the Myosotis blogs on July 1st. link Translated by Arturusrex The Court of Appeal today adjourned till September...

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