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« Litigator », starring François Stifani

We all know his penchant for throwing writs around like confetti at a windy wedding. François Stifani is at it again. “La Lumière”, the blog of François Koch, journalist with the French public affairs weekly, “L’Express” reveals that a judge of the Paris...

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Clear Objectives, A United Opposition

In a joint communiqué dated October 3rd, 2011 eleven of the principal opponents to François Stifani have written the following : link For the immediate departure of François Stifani For the end of all measures contrary to law, the statutes, the by-laws...

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Hoist with his own petar… !!!

Literally, “blown up by his own explosive”. The phrase comes from Hamlet and means that the tables are turned on he who performs the act. I won’t go into Shakespeare’s all too obvious pun on petard, French for “fart”. A French saying with the same meaning...

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How much … ???

Some questions for Maître Legrand. I’m not holding my breath waiting for the answers but at least I’ll have the satisfaction of asking them. After all, I am a member of the GLNF and I am up to date with the latest “legally” called dues. Maître Legrand,...

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