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Guess who ?

translated from Myosotis Réunionnais, "Qui c'est ?...ou ... Qui sait !" link - He makes others feel guilty by way of a link He transfers the responsibility onto others or removes his own. He fails to clearly communicate his demands, needs, feelings and...

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Ephesse couldn’t « CAIRE » less !!!

LML in English has already reported on yesterday’s fiasco at Cléon in Neustrie Province. The PGM called the Provincial AGM but somehow overlooked sending the summonses to the WMs of the Lodges in the Province. Knowing that the current PGM, Jacques H…,...

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« Flop » in Neustrie for Ephesse

Yesterday Myosotis Neustrie informed us that the Annual General Meeting of Neustrie Province was to be held this morning at 10.30 a.m. This was a scoop because none of the province’s WMs had received the summons. Myosotis Neustrie published it for them....

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Suspended ? You’re not alone !

I know being a member of a Lodge that has been suspended, forbidden to meet and having had the PGM demand you return your Warrant, is not the most pleasant experience you’ve had since you entered Freemasonry. Particularly when, in most cases, the suspension...

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