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French Mark declared wide of the mark

Yesterday afternoon the quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons met at the St James Street headquarters in London. Prior to the meeting a special committee convened to discuss the question of relations with the French Mark made...

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Dupinay sacked by Miss Monique

The ink was hardly dry on the letter announcing the composition of the 6 member Commission to review all sanctions made since January 21st 2011 and already Miss Monique has sacked one of Ephesse’s puppets. The notorious and over zealous Jean-Paul Dupinay,...

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Corsican Masonry…with concrete boots !!!

48 hours ago L’Express journalist, François Koch, revealed the letter sent by PGM of Corsica, Paul Scaglia, to 39 influential members of the SGC, mostly close allies of Ephesse (Big Moustache, Henry the Breancounter, Jacquet, Moneybags Latreille, Le Guérinel,...

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It’s raining writs !!!

And who said the French judges were overworked ? All alone the GLNF blue apron brigade keep an abnormally large number of our magistrates more than occupied (and at our expense, in general, not only as taxpayers, but as sometime payers of GLNF dues)....

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GLs of Tahiti and China : Joint Recognition

It’s not going to cause major waves in international Freemasonry but the first recognition of a new Grand Lodge is an important milestone in its brief history. For the moment it would appear that the Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos (GLRT) is...

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