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News from across the Channel

With the GLNF association AGM only a week away and the definitive withdrawal of recognition by 6 major European Grand Lodges over the past few days many Brethren here in France were hoping for some sort of sign from London following the quarterly meeting...

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Poland as well !!!

It was foreseeable. Firstly the Swiss set the ball rolling last Saturday, followed yesterday by the joint communiqué announcing the definitive withdrawal of GLNF Recognition by Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This morning we learn...

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Switzerland no longer recognises the GLNF

The rumours have been going round for about a fortnight. Now it’s confirmed. Yesterday afternoon the Grand Lodge of Suisse Alpina voted almost unanimously (189 for, 3 against, 6 abstentions, 98.4%) to withdraw definitively Recognition of the GLNF. With...

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