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Published on by Allan Sanders

Could it be that Ephesse has finally seen the writing on the wall ?  You know, the very large graffiti message calling for Ephesse to hand in his big blue apron and kindly close the door on his way out.

He has just written to the few Brethren remaining in the GLNF informing them that he proposes to meet with Jean Murat (27%) and Jean-Pierre Servel (25.8%) to discuss the approach to the institutional reforms called for by the vote against him expressed for the fourth time at the June 23rd AGM. In political circles when you lose a motion of no confidence four times in a row, you bow out gracefully. Not our noteworthy French Riviera family man. More than ever he’s clinging to his blue apron like a limpet to a rock.

So why is he now suggesting some sort of alliance with his traditional rival (Murat) and Big Moustache’s puppet (Servel) ? Because he’s running scared. Someone has done the numbers for him and no matter which way you look at the figures there’s no way that Ephesse can get his candidature past the ratification ballot at an AGM. Even if he manages to get himself endorsed once again by the SGC jerrymander. And after the June 23rd AGM, that is looking very shaky.

Hence the letter link suggesting a meeting.

But the answer didn’t take long to arrive. Jean Murat has turned down the invitation. Interviewed by L’Express journalist, François Koch, he said, “ I refuse categorically to meet François Stifani. On two occasions, in 2011 and just after the vote on march 30th, 2012, he refused a meeting that I proposed. Rather than exchange with him, that I can do without, I prefer to call for his impeachment. Besides, my lawyer, Maître Léon Lef Forster has posted a writ so that all the modifications to the composition of the Sovereign Grand Committee that have occurred since January 2011 be annulled, that being the month when Stifani resigned as President of the GLNF.”

You can’t be any clearer than that. Ephesse has had the door slammed in his face. But don’t think that is going to stop him. I have no idea what his next move will be. But I know there will be one…or more !

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Bro Baldrick 07/03/2012 12:06

Eventually all dictatorships come to an end, usually at the hands of those closest to them. I have a feeling that the same fate is going to happen to Effesse, and probably fairly soon. (At least I
hope so!)

Julius Caesar Act 4 Scene 3, 1.215

Allan Sanders 07/03/2012 23:05

Brimfull to running over !!!

Maitre de Roxanne 07/02/2012 18:52

The letter from Mr Stiffani to which Alan provided a link is very interesting. It shows once again how little our Stiffi really knows about the GLNF. From its inception, the Lodges of the GLNF
followed the time-honoured tradition of installing their new Master on the anniversary of the Consecration of their Lodge.
During the reign of Van Hecke, this latter imposed an Installation Ceremony, unknown to and alien to the traditions of most member Lodges, this being about 55 years after the birth of the GLNF.
During the reign of Charbonnieau, this latter imposed that all Installations should take place in September, with elections in May. I think it was he also who slipped the idea that the Master Elect
should be selected by the Past Masters, and merely confirmed by the Brethren in open Lodge assembled, thus substituting ballot balls for the previous voting slip on which each Brother wrote the
name of his preferred candidate. Thus replacing the traditional free election by a "former USSR style" non-election.
Stiffi is now saying that this innovation, replacing a free traditional vote by all members of the Lodge, dates back nearly a century! Oh no! It dates back to around 1995, when the GLNF was 82
years old!

Allan Sanders 07/02/2012 21:00

Thank you for this information, yet another example of the Stifanatic's habit of misrepresenting the truth to achieve his ends. And may his end be soon