27000 € for lunch !!! We don't have the same values !!!

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27000€ for lunch !!! We don’t have the same values !!!


At present trying to keep up with events concerning the GLNF and then put them into English is like buying a new computer. By the time you’ve selected which one you want to buy it’s over the hill. And by the time you get it home and unpacked it’s time to go & buy a new one !!!


So, a brief round up of the important bits :


  1. As reported by François Koch of “L”Express” Jean-Claude Tribout, Grand Inspector in charge of communication from 2004 until last January has written to our self-proclaimed spiritual guide denouncing a “suspicious contract” between Scribe and a Brother close to François Stifani. link Part of Jean-Claude Tribout’s functions was to edit “Brèves”, the official GLNF propaganda pamphlet. That in itself indicates how closely he worked with the Air Bongo frequent flyer and how much he knows. In his letter he denounces an edition contract between Scribe and Sébastien Dulac, a contract for the writing of a book on the 100 years of the Obedience. The difficulty is that the editorial advance is being paid in 12 monthly instalments to the tune of a total 18000 €, far in excess of the normal 3000€ to 8000€ paid in the profession. And editorial advances are generally paid in a lump sum. L’URSSAF, the French social security watchdog, will almost certainly consider that monthly payments over a 12 month period constitute a salary. What’s more, it would appear that it should be the GLNF who should be paying as Brother Dulac has a regular activity as secretary of the national Council of Discipline (which Maître Legrand has recently decided to chair !!!)


  1. It would appear that Maître Legrand and François Stifani have decided to sell Scribe without informing its managing director, Paul Studnia. From his reaction we infer that he considers the selling price far too low.


  1. In his letter Jean-Claude Tribout refers to an invoice dated December 5th 2009 addressed to Scribe from the “Jules Verne”, the prestigious restaurant on the Eiffel tower. If you have a good memory you will recall that the previous day François Stifani kept the Lodge delegates to the GLNF Grand Lodge waiting for almost 2 hours while he lunched in the very same restaurant with a close friend, president of an African nation and Grand Master of his county’s Grand Lodge. Obviously you wonder as I did, “Why is Scribe picking up the tab for stifani’s lunch bill ???” Could it be that the bill could have raised some eyebrows at the GLNF ??? How much was the invoice ? 27000€ !!! Yes, there are 3 zeros after the other figures !!! For that price they weren’t having a Big Mac washed down with a beer !!! Just for comparison, last Saturday 27 Myosotis moderators met at the mercure Hotel in North Tours. Each paid his own transport, each paid his own meal, each paid his share for the hire of the room (27 euros) and Brethren in Tours accommodated those who needed a bed. As the ad on TV states, “We don’t have the same values !!!”


  1. You read that the PGM of Picardie Plaine de France Province has joined the other rebelling PGMs putting himself and his province under the protection of Maître Legrand. Now the entire college of Provincial Officers and all the WMs have banded behind him in a 100% stance of solidarity, all denouncing François Stifani as GM.


  1. As quickly as a PGM places himself under the protection of Maître Legrand the EX-GM tries to replace him. In Paris Grand Arche Province the tyrant on the 3rd floor tried to name Michel Z……I (sounds like a long green vegetable) as the new PGM. Having dreamed of a big blue apron with lots of gilded baubles for a long time Brother Long Green Vegetable accepted immediately. But the vast majority of the Pos and WMs don’t like Long Green Vegetable and have let him know it. Taken on their own Long Green Vegetables are very boring !!!


6.      In Bretagne Province things are complicated. (Don’t forget that the small village of Gallic resistance to the Roman legions, home of Astérix and Obélix, is situated somewhere in this beautiful part of Gaul !!!) Christian Degny, PGM now under Maître Legrand’s protection, has organised a provincial assembly in Pontivy on April 26th. In the meantime an ordinance has come out of the Pisan bunker ( a forgery since there is no longer a GM !!!) naming J-L T… as new PGM. The “forgery” has the full support of Pierre Castandet, the Stifanatic’s super prefect for the West. So, now we have 2 PGMs for 1 province !!! It would appear that the new boy on the block is no longer member of a Lodge in Bretagne Province. Sorry, take that back: it would appear that the new boy on the block is no longer a member of the GLNF !!! No worries, pass me another forged ordinance reinstating him !!! But at the time of writing no Lodge in the province has accepted him as a visitor, let alone to have him as a member !!! So much for the Provincial Grand Lodge scheduled also for April 26th with all the ceremonial trimmings to fit the new boy out in a big blue apron, etc; etc !!!




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