2GPO's resign following Maine Atlantique suspensions

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If Jean-Michel H.......t, the Maine Atlantique PGM, was seeking a reaction by suspending 6 Lodges he has certainly achieved his objective… but perhaps not exactly in the way he had foreseen.


In the 48 hours that followed the announcement of the suspensions on Maine Atlantique Myosotis nearly 1000 Brethren (with different IP addresses) consulted the site. The 6 WMs are inundated with calls and e-mails of support, and not just from within the Province, far from it. Some have come from as far away as Tahiti, Réunion and Brazil.


Much closer to home for the PGM, it would seem he’s shot himself in the foot. The Province is in turmoil like it has never been before, even when his predecessor, Jacques B….T, was ignominiously sacked by Ephesse because he had the gall to announce in a meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee that the only problem with the GLNF was François Stifani. The 6 suspended Lodges have all announced they will continue to meet. Support for them is such that at their next meetings it is likely to be “Standing Room Only”. LML in English will publish the dates and venues of each meeting at least a week prior so you can make your arrangements to attend.


Yesterday afternoon the PGM received an e-mail from 2 of his Provincial Officers informing him that under the current circumstances they were no longer prepared to continue. Christophe F……, APGM for the Sarthe and the Mayenne and Philippe B…n, Grand Sword Bearer, have returned their blue aprons. APGMs in Maine Atlantique Province are somewhat thin on the ground at present. Sometime this Summer (we’re not sure exactly when), Joël D…n, APGM for the Maine et Loire resigned from all the Maine Atlantique Lodges of which he was a member and so far as we know, he also resigned as APGM. To date his successor has not been named. Could it be that no-one in the Angers region wants to take up the gauntlet ? With 3 Lodges of the department suspended the PGM is going to find it even harder to find a replacement.

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