3 important French Masons write to the UGLE

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Completely fed up with the ongoing turmoil within the GLNF, (that they suggest dates from more then 20 years ago) 3 of the most important masons on the French scene, Alain BAUER, former Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Michel BARAT, former Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France, and Roger DACHEZ, President of the French Masonic Institute and renowned historian, have written a joint letter to the UGLE, the “Vatican” of world Freemasonry. link


They write in their own names but their combined influence and the indirect association with the institutions they represent are a brutal blow to François Stifani.


And it couldn’t come at a worse time for him. This coming Saturday he hopes to strut his stuff before a large international audience at the annual formal Grand Lodge meeting of the GLNF.


 The “large international audience” is likely to be farcical, particularly since Stifani’s opponents have written to 172 Grand Lodges in French, English and Spanish urging them not to come (this letter will be presented in a separate article). Well informed sources suggest that the traditionally strong representation from central African Grand Lodges will be at a minimum with no or only one or two Grand Masters attending, the others preferring to send  a delegation of minor officials.


Bauer, Barat and Dachez are none too kind with the UGLE, accusing it of complacency over the past 20 years, allowing matters to fester unhindered within the GLNF.


But will this letter force the UGLE to make a positive move ? Journalist François KOCH states that the UGLE Grand Chancellor has gathered support from within Great Queen Street. 

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Baldrick 11/30/2011 12:04

Well I'm still not going. I wish you luck but I think it will be to little avail. Please maintain your dignity and act with due masonic diligence.

Winnie 11/30/2011 14:36

Dignity, masonic diligence, firm determination and, above all, self control !!!

Baldrick 11/29/2011 21:28

It has long been policy of the UGLE not to interfere in the affairs of another Grand Lodge, however this letter may well encourage them to write again to Pisan in the strongest of diplomatic terms.
Time will tell.They might just pull the plug altogether.

I for one will not be going to Paris this coming weekend. I cannot see the point in wasting my time and money in traipsing all the way there and back just to vote or to sit for an hour and a half
like last year waiting for his GM ship to drag himself away from his lunch and grace us with his presence.

To be honest I'd rather be at home with the family - french freemasonry is quite frankly, buggered and it'll take more than a strongly worded letter from HRH Kent to put it right.

He was apparently stuck in traffic, according to the GDC.
Yeah, pull the other one.He was late for the Grand Chapter meeting too.

Why does everyone have to go to Paris anyway? Why can't delegates vote electronically or by post - it's not technologically difficult and a damned sight cheaper for everyone.Do it.

Winnie 11/30/2011 11:47

Dear Brother Baldrick, 

The non-interference in the internal affairs of another Grand Lodge has always been the policy of the UGLE. perhaps, if they had been less lenient towards
Stifani and his band we would not be in the pickle we find ourselves in today. The only possibility of a new letter to Pisan is the definitive withdrawal of Recognition, which must be approved by
Grand Lodge. The next possibility of that is in March 2012 as such an item must be formally posted on the agenda.


As for Paris on Saturday I can only encourage you, as I do to every Brother of the GLNF, to find the time (& the money) to come to Levallois Perret and
show your refusal of the current management. If, like me, you are a member of a suspended Lodge, you will probably be refused entry but there will be hundreds, perhaps even more, in the same
boat. And we will ensure that those who do get in are aware of what we think.