500 days !!!

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Yes my Brethren, it is 500 days since 35 Brothers, members of the Sovereign Grand Committee, stood up, removed their aprons and Claude Seiler read a series of questions to François Stifani.


Who would have believed it would take so long ? Who would have believed we would find the GLNF Association in the hands of a court appointed ad hoc administrator ? Who would have believed the number of Brethren suspended or struck off ? Who would have believed that an entire Province of more than 1500 Brethren would disappear at the stroke of a pen ? Who would have believed that the good name of the GLNF would be dragged so low and through the mud by the action of a power-hungry clique who would stop at nothing to retain the advantages they have accumulated surrepticiously ? Who would have believed that the story of the revolt of the Brethren would feature so prominently in the current affairs press ? Who would have believed the GLNF would appear so frequently in the courts of the land ?


And if you study the text of the latest letter sent by François Stifani (you will notice I no longer refer to him as GM or EX-GM or anything else !!!) to the PGMs we are not yet out of the woods. His calling of a meeting of the SGC on June 27th, after the decision of the Court of Appeal at the very end of the masonic year suggests he has another trick or two up his sleeve.


But that doesn’t really worry us. We know that right is on our side. We know that François Stifani and his band will leave in disgrace. There are some who suggest that a number of them will have to confront serious penal and criminal charges in the courts of the republic. Only time will tell.


What we really know is that we will continue to struggle until Hell freezes over if necessary !!!




Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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