8 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 25% of the PGMs have said "NON !!!"

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8 + 1+ 1+ 1 = 25% of the PGMs have said « NON !!! »


and the WMs are following suit !!!


The 8 original PGMs



Paris Grand Arche




Dauphiné Savoie




And since last Thursday 3 others :



Picardie Plaine de France



That makes 25% of all the provinces and there are rumours of  4 or 5 others. It is no secret that many WMs are submitting to the Brethren of their Lodges texts of letters of support for the rebel PGMs. In my own Lodge the WM has asked for the approval of a text that he intends sending to each and every one of the rebel PGMs.


Predictably our self-proclaimed spiritual guide has already sacked the first 8 and no doubt the other 3 will get their marching orders tomorrow. In these troubled times it is a sign of distinction to be sacled by the tyrant of the Pisan bunker.


Nil Illegitimus Carborundum !!!

Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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