8 PGMs pull the plug !!! ...and more...

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8 PGMs pull the plug !!!...and more…


Would the last one out please switch off the lights !!! The playing card castle is toppling. The major item today is the joint statement by 8 PGMs who no longer recognise François Stifani as Grand Master of the GLNF. The PGMs of the Provinces of :



Paris Grand Arche




Dauphiné Savoie




have sent the following communiqué link to the all the Brethren of Neustrie Province.


We the undersigned, Provincial grand masters, guarantors of the labour and harmony of our Provinces, witnesses to the profound trouble felt by the majority of the Brethren with regard to the current management of the GLNF, of their exasperation over the on-going legal procedures and the acts of communication whose sole purpose is to justify them.


Considering that what must prevail is the general interest of the Obedience over all other consideration, particularly individual ones, and to enable our Provinces, the Lodges of which they are composed and their members to labour serenely despite the current context of a profound crisis which divides the brethren and greatly harms our international recognition.


Decide to bring it to the notice of our Brethren that we have noted the resignation by the Most Worthy Brother fra,çois Stifani as President of the GLNF and therefore as Grand Master of our Obedience.


Because the chain of command of our institution cannot be stopped we will continue to fully carry out our functions until a new provincial Grand Master is designated and installed in our place by the next Grand Master of the GLNF.


Considering that the GLNF no longer has a grand Master we place ourselves under the sole administrative authority of the ad hoc administrator, Maître Legrand, designated by the French Ministry of Justice and being the only person authorised to condict the affairs of our association until the organisation of the next General Assembly.


While awaiting a new management team we solemnly ask all the Lodges and their Brethren to labour serenely in Fraternal love.


April 7th 2001


TRF Marc CAIRE                            PGM of Neustrie

TRF Charles TORDJMAN              PGM of Paris Grand Arche

TRF Christian DEGNY                   PGM of Bretagne

TRF Pierre COHEN                         PGM of Lutèce

TRF Philippe MARTIN                   PGM of Auvergne

TRF Zavoche HOUCHAGNIA       PGM of Dauphiné Savoie

TRF Yves PENNE                           PGM of Paris

TRF Philippe FONTAINE               PGM of Aquitaine"


As if that wasn’t enough to spoil our self-proclaimed spiritual guide’s weekend, today he also learned that he can no longer suspend, exclude strike off and discipline the Brethren at will. Maître legrand has taken over the chairing of the Commission of Discipline of the GLNF. This is solid proof that Maître Legrand does not adhere to the stifanatic’s interpretation of a distinction between the Presidency of the GLNF Association and Grand Master of the Obedience. Stifani’s claws have been severely clipped !!!


And it gets worse for the tyrant of the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. Wagram is up for sale !!! good address, great kitchen !!!


And finally, if you’re after a good selection of Masonic literature, a blue apron or two complete with all the gilded baubles you could ask for, a prime Parisian parking spot, all at a cheap price, rumour strongly suggests that Scribe will be having a huge sale before being sold.


Definitely worrying times for the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles !!!

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Jean 04/07/2011 22:26

The weather forecast says the wind will become stronger and stronger over the Pisan street in Paris, it does not come from a direction or another but from everywhere. A big storm is approaching at
a very high speed, the specialists say nothing could be done now to avoid a disaster. It is too late.

Winnie 04/08/2011 10:07

It's not even worth rearranging the deck chairs on the balcony ! Best to stay inside away from the wondows and drink what's left in the cocktail cabinet,
even if it's only Château du Paradis !!!