A board of administration or a ship of fools ?

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An article published in today’s “La Croix” gives a few details of events at yesterday’s meeting of the GLNF board.


There was no difficulty finding a vacant chair at the table in the 3rd floor bunker room. In fact you could have run the meeting in a phone booth !! The absent far outnumbered those present. The main item on the agenda was to iron out the details of the AGM ordered by the French court which rejected the Grand Master’s appeal. For such an important item we would have expected a massive attendance. But, faced with a 3rd defeat in court, maybe the board members are getting cold feet. Yesterday they voted with them.


In fact, there were only 3 members present other than our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace; Debuisson, the penal lawyer (such professional competence could be useful in the very near future !!), Némarque, managing director of a luxury jewellery firm (always handy to have someone who can sell the unsellable !!) and Pilorge, December 4th traitor and Stifanaticus’ lapdog !! Foellner, responsible for  foisting the spiritual guide upon us, had given his voting right to …guess who ?? No Deputy GM, no Treasurer (a pity, what if someone asked how we are going to pay for the AGM ?)


Basically, most of the board had understood the recent articles informing them of their civil responsibility and felt it was time to put distance between themselves and our little dictator.


You can imagine the atmosphere, probably as enthusiastic as if Stifani had walked in with dogshit on the soles of both of his shoes !! There wasn’t even a “galette des rois” (traditional pastry enjoyed around the period of Epiphany) at the end of the meeting, a virtual social obligation in France in January.


In a fabulous display of the classic “one step forwards, two steps backwards, Stifani tango” the board decided to appoint an ad hoc administrator to organise the AGM. You will recall that Stifani congratulated the Paris court for its decision not to appoint an administrator. So why the about face ? Another manoeuvre to gain time ?


For once the board moved in our favour. They decided to call for an independent audit of all the GLNF structures. We await the exact details with bated breath. Surely Stifani won’t let the bean counters look at everything. Or maybe the shredder has finished its job !!


The only other decision was to fill the board vacancies with a new round of fawnicators, each happier than the other to have a few more gilded baubles added to the blue and gold paraphernalia. Will they never learn ?


One upshot is that Tardivat, ex-Deputy GM (for only a few days) who had his arm twisted enough to accept his old title again yesterday, has gone to London to try to put the toothpaste back in the tube.


Stifani is more and more isolated in his 3rd floor ivory tower. But, beware, the cornered and wounded savage beast is even more dangerous than when he is in total liberty. Brothers, be on your guard, we are sure that Stifani has still got some tricks up his sleeve

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