A Brother reacts to the announcement from London, Dublin & Edinburgh

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The news has just arrived from across the Channel. The UGLE and the GLs of ireland and Scotland have decided to suspend their recognition of the GLNF. A Brother, member of the GLNF, reacted immediately...

"Requiescat In Pace GLNF…


My great grandfather was a Mason (I discovered that when I visited the White Hills Cemetery in Victoria, Australia and saw his grave for the first time; the square and the compass were on it). My great uncle was a Mason; the square and the compass were a proud part of the decoration in the lounge room, proudly displayed over the fireplace. I had 2 uncles who were Masons. The Masonic Bible of one of them, given to him the night he was initiated on the other side of the world, is opened at the first verses of St John’s Gospel at each of our Lodge meetings here in Brittany. The other, a great scientist, kept his Masonic membership to himself, but his persistent urging for me to always try harder and do better than the last time, I now understand what he meant. As a kid growing up in a working class suburb of Melbourne no-one was surprised to see a couple of men dressed as penguins entering the Masonic Temple just over the road from the local Presbyterian Church attended by my family. They were a respected and accepted part of the local community. They were Masons in the true sense of the word.


But today I am ashamed, not because I am a Mason. Far from it, I’ve just explained to my 10 year old son why I’m a Mason and why I’m proud to be one. Nonetheless, I’m ashamed, ashamed to see what one man (I cannot recognise him as a Brother) has succeeded in destroying in such a short time.


François Stifani, today we have learned that the UGLE, the GLs of Ireland and Scotland have decided to suspend their recognition of the GLNF. You have successfully dragged its standing to the lowest possible level in the eyes of International Traditional and Regular Freemasonry. The entire Masonic world is turning its back, not on us, the true Brethren of the GLNF, we who uphold the true values of Freemasonry recognised and welcomed by our Brethren throughout the world, but on you and your clique, you who have perverted the Masonic values of the GLNF.


I joined the GLNF seeking the true Masonic Light. Under your regime the Lights of Brotherhood and Friendship are going out across the entire Masonic world.


I weep for the GLNF. I weep for its Brethren who entered the GLNF hoping to find values lacking in the outside world. At the upper echelons of the administrative arm of the GLNF I have found nothing but bitterness, material ambition and avarice.


But don’t think that I’m going to resign on the strength of a decision by the UGLE and our Irish and Scottish Brethren. On the contrary, their joint decision gives me strength to persist in my resolve to oppose you, François Stifani, to oppose you right to the very end, right to the moment when you will finally be obliged to leave, not only the GLNF, but Freemasonry in general, because no Brother will want to be associated with you and your total lack of Masonic values.


Requiescat In Pace GLNF !!!"

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Han Solo 07/21/2011 15:03

My Very Dear Brother Winnie,

If I’m ashamed that I might be confused with FS the First or his gang, I must say I feel very proud to know personally real Brothers like you: after all, you’re the one who accompanied me into
joining the GLNF, even if, as for yourself, some of my elders were already Masons…

Today it seems that the dark side of the French order has taken over the GLNF, but even if it rests in peace, I’m sure we, Brothers, shall rise again…

Best Brotherly Regards…

Winnie 07/22/2011 06:43

My Brother, 

Thank you for your encouraging words. No matter where you go in Freemasonry you will always find Brethren ready to welcome you with open arms and to assist
and urge you on to better and greated things. don't worry about françois Stifani. He is merely a brief, very dark cloud crossing the normally clear sky of French Freemasonry.

Chicon au gratin 07/20/2011 19:25

Giving voice to his feelings,this B expresses the nightmare of french BB, their sadness