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Communiqué from fMR, signed by Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau on Friday April 15th.                                                                                             Translated Arturusrex


Developments are occurring more and more rapidly.

It is difficult to maintain a proper balance between discretion on matters under negotiation and keeping you duly informed;


Since our meeting last Wednesday with Me Legrand, we continue with her to prepare to implement what should shortly enable us to announce a plan to end the crisis.


Need it be recalled that the appointment of an administrator was obtained through our request?

It has taken her some time, which is only natural, even if it occasionally aroused our impatience, to come to an overall understanding of the complexity of the situation of our obedience. Her task has not been simplified by some, who, unacceptably, have lied to her, or otherwise intervened believing themselves to be in good faith.


Important decisions pointing in the right direction are being elaborated. They call, at the present stage of proceedings, for courteous and prudent discretion, to the respect of which we have engaged.


The present communiqué is also a call for serenity and unity.


Tomorrow, together with you all, we will have the task of reshaping the future of the GLNF






Claude Seiler et Dominique Moreau 

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joaben 04/20/2011 16:39

Dear Winnie, the justice of our country, I a m fully confident in it, too, cannnot give you more that ... you already have !!!
This decision on 24th is an appeal against our success of december 7th.

At the best for us, it will confirm december 7th decision !

That's why it's wrong to keep brother in expectation of something benificial from this trial.

The danger is that if the result is favor of Stifani, Our brthren will conclude thats'over. Which is wrong too !

Loosing this trial should only mean that 16'th october assembly should become valid.

I am sure that FMR and its lawyer work hard for the future.
What ashame me, is you say "removal of F. Stini" which means that for you he is still in activity ?

He has resigned, confirmed his resigantion need to elect a new Grand Master, all important bodies of FM have confirmed he is not anymore GM !

What do you want to remove ???? I Think he is only Grand Master in some brother's mind.

If you ignore all his attempts to pretend beeig still grandmaster and all the attempts of his friends, he won't be anymore grand master even in your mind.

Of course, it means to mandate Mrs Legrand to forbid any use of GLNF tools by Stifani's team.
and financial justice to examine all abuses and pull them to trial.

Winnie 04/21/2011 09:43

My Brother Joaben,


I agree that the best we can expect from the June 24th decision is a confirmation of the December 7th decision. But within the legal framework of the laws of
the Republic we are obliged to wait that long. François Stifani is no longer anything at all but he continues to behave as if he was Grand Master & President of the GLNF Association, not
forgetting being our direct link to the GADLU !!! The only 2 options available to us are :


1. forcibly remove him and change the locks on the 3rd floor, hardly the actions of "free men of good standing".


2. let the court decision remove him permanently.


If the unlikely event occurs and François Stifani wins his appeal the only recourse left for us is to leave the GLNF and join another or create a new

joaben 04/19/2011 17:12

dear winnie,

Tis wait of june 24th is completely irrational ! ... for us !

On june 24 th : decision in appeal against our success of december.
For stifani's friend they may expect that the Court shond cancel the cancellation of Assemblée generale. It wont change a lot, but you can be sure that Stifani'Friend will use this at their

But for us, nothing useful, by definition of an appeal...

No this is not long to wait june 24th ! I do not expect nor wait anything from it !

In fact, I think it is a big error to have asked to advance the decision in june.
Anything we can expect from this decision ... we already have it !

Of course, it should be better not to loose. Tht's the only thing.

Winnie 04/20/2011 15:21

My Brother Joaben,

Waiting for June 24th does not mean waiting and doing nothing. Every day FMR & Myosotis continue to push towards our unltimate goal, the reform of the
GLNF, the re-writing of the statutes and by-laws, the permanent removal of François Stifani and his band, a return to labour in harmony, peace and fraternity and the installation of a
lightweight, Lodge centred administration.

In the meantime, patience. I have faith in the justice of this country.





Joaben 04/18/2011 13:05

The main trouble when I read this "communiqué" is :

- a defensive position.

Claude and Dominique work hardly to find an agreement with Mrs Legrand. And inform us of what they can say after this meeting...

But, what happen later , After 1rst phase of happiness for good news, brethen fall quicly in disppointement ::

- They see that Mrs Legrand give "confidences" many contradictory to all the parts of the conflict.
- There are no confirmation directly from mrs Legrand.
- Stifani friends affirm the contrary ... without any reaction from Mrs Legrand.

Stifani friends have played very well to throw confusion where non-sens provocations have taken the same importance than solid and strong facts !

For instance, last provocation of Stifani on Nice-Matin where there is nothing new, have caused a lot of reaction.

I thonk we'd better concentrate on validated fact than straw-fires switched on by Stifani for diversion.

Solide facts are :

- Stifani is no more Grand Master for all masonic bodies, including his close friends.
- Stifani have stated he does not want to be anymore onstructive.
- Stifani is no more president GLNF.

These facts are enough for an efficient behavior for all of us.

Winnie 04/19/2011 10:16

My Brother Joaben,

The time until June 24th will seem long but we must let the justice of the Republic do its job. In the meantime the FMR lawyers and FMR itself are working
closely with Maître Legrand. What we hear in public is only the tip of the iceberg. And Stifani's claims in Nice Matin are merely the death rattles of a dictator who is at the end of his reign
and knows it.