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From  LML blog, signed Tamino, we translate with pleasure this very good résumé which we flippantly call Guide to the Mess ! Apologies to Tamino! In French on LML: Point sur une situation confuse                                Tr. Arturusrex


Only one thing is clear: the ex “Guide” is rejected by most, including those who, but yesterday, still supported him. Amid this enormous turmoil, which, as you know, has now extended to involve reactions from an increasing number of regular Grand lodges in other countries, different ways of looking at the situation are being expressed, different, but concurrent objectives, some more distant conceptions, but, all in all, a desire to see the business ended as soon as possible.


Abroad, the fear of having unrest spread to other countries and realization that the frenzied individual who claims still to be head of the GLNF lit a fire that he can no longer hope to extinguish, explain the current spate of “withdrawals” or “suspensions” of recognizance.

Certain direct contacts we have had with one or other of the Grand Masters have systematically confirmed that, for them (and what about for us!),  Stifani was a calamity who needed removing.


In France, the somewhat cautious position of rejection by the other Obediences is understood to arise from the obvious fact that they cannot actively interfere, but the clamour resounding in the media around the GLNF conflict scarcely enhances the image of masonry in general.

In terms of communication, Internet in this crisis will prove to have been an extraordinary booster. Our blogs, of which readership figures continue to progress slowly but surely, are read 99.8% by brothers and continue to be a privileged source of information.


Diverse sensitivities are expressed, and, little by little, positions have become stratified: the original Myosotis blogs working to the principles of the Charter signed by them together with FMR, one or two blogs being attached (or “enfeoffed”, to use the word opponents use to qualify us) to a particular candidate, and a few wild electrons with their various positions, somewhat original but not contrary (far from it) to our overall approach, share between them a readership of about 15000 brothers a day.


The pattern of contestation, beginning with what happened on December 4th, then prolonged by the revolt in the Val de Loire, and all the consequences of the 25th March General Assembly, is built around legal actions which have enabled us to force the ex-guide into a now untenable posture.


His blind-mindedness and incredible egocentricity have finally exasperated the very same people as were, until quite recently, his most faithful executives. They are composed of an open ended range of individuals, going from brothers whose view of the situation was extremely institutional, who never spoke out and seemed powerless to react in any way, to others who pretend to be joining forces with the rebels merely to safeguard their own prerogatives and newly re-vamped and re-varnished ambitions.


New blogs blossom forth every morning with wonderful declarations and airing the existence of their magnificent vocations, all having the common denominator of pretending to be artisans of assembly,…. whereas they really express nothing but their private ambitions in preparation of their take-over attempts. The strategy of the cuckoo in the nest is increasingly common, but not exactly new!

All of them base their reasoning on and in the framework set up by the ex-guide, who decreed dates for a College of Members by right, a non-masonic body that he calls the “sovereign grand committee” to make it sound more Masonic, in the lee of which he claimed he would hold a General Assembly, suddenly re-baptised more enticingly Meeting of Grand Lodge, on order to cling on to this phony identity  of his, i.e. Grand Master but not president, absurd figment of his invention.


(It is not because the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (High Court) did not express itself on this point, in the belief that we would, in an adult manner, adopt the means to rid ourselves of a Stifani not yet split in two as he became after the GA, that absence of a decision by the Court implies in fact a decision.)


 This framework does not hold water, for the several reasons that our lawyers will expound at the appropriate time: once again, it is in pragmatic reality that the situation will then proceed to evolve. It is indeed taking longer than expected to sew things together, but we are approaching the end. Those who will lie in the bed we are preparing for our common future will have to review their clever little tactics.


Things will now be going much faster and the heralded creation of the Committee for the Re-Foundation becomes a working reality. It is the expression of both work done and collected, collated, compounded, since the Montreuil gathering in March and our will to avoid what Stifani hopes for, i.e. a scission within the obedience , based on his notion that it is better to be the King of a village than number two in Rome. (Naturally, to his way of thinking, we would have to be the ones to get out, leaving him free-handed to go about his murky business that has so little to do with masonry, so much with money.)


From this Committee will emerge the future Statutes and Regulations which will have to be the basis of all expression by him or those who will feel themselves able and apt to embody themselves in the project.


Our recent encounters with Ms Legrand cannot, at this stage, be commented on in detail, for obvious reasons. The work put in over so many weeks past by our Barrister Teitgen and other barrister brethren, in collaboration with the Administrator’s assistants,  is expected shortly to take on concrete form at various levels and provide a number of surprises to spoil Stifani’s imaginary landscape. We cannot reveal anything at this precise moment, but we assure you that the coming week will be rich in events! For instance: the ridiculous communication under the heading “Letter from the Grand Master” sent out a few days ago re. the accounts will be clearly shown to be what it is, a smoke screen, that will not suffice to cover up the sorry truth of the situation that we so long ago began to announce and denounce


The time of contestation will soon cease, to give way to the time of Re-Foundation.


Re-Foundation will not smudge our memories, nor stifle our imagination or exclude discussion. But it will herald Hope.


Whatever the gossip, June 24th is a-coming fast and the ex-guide’s whole strategy is based on his fancy that he would win in the Court of Appeal. At each court case, he declared he could only win. He has lost every time.

And by that Saint John-in-Summer date, that we await impatiently, we will have begun to implement our campaign of presentation of the projects for the future of our Grand lodge to all its members.  Signed Tamino   Tr Arturusrex

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