A great masonic moment

Published on by Arturusrex

The Assembly in Paris was a great masonic and fraternal moment. We will be posting you a detailed account and comentary.
But in the meantime, Brethren, just a few titbits to whet your appetite.
2000 brothers present. Two thirds or more from the Provinces. Very good hopes expressed very cogently by the representatives of LML and the Blogs. Our Advocate very hopeful of the outcome. Message to all: the Chair of Grand Master is vacant. No dues must be sent at the moment. Our Advocate is discussing this with the Administraror next Thursday.
The three main Orders have declared that the Chair is vacant. Only the Mark was absent. Its future is open to speculation as an independant order  as is that of the Royal Arch, perhaps to be attached to the mark. But these were only suggestions. .
Come back for more later.

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