A heartfelt cry from a Brother, member of both the UGLE and WM of a GLNF Lodge

Published on by Winnie

"Can it get any worse! I was at a meeting of my London Lodge (Blackfriars ) and for the first time ever I felt ashamed to be a French Freemason. I'm not alone in this. I have actually shed tears over this. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! The Administrator must get off the fence and do her friggin job. I am more than ever determined to see the end of the current administration. I want to be proud of being a member of GLNF. I will never deny my membership but feel uncomfortable when in Great Queen Street."


I know this Brother well and can vouch for the sincerity of his statement. And should you wish to pass this on to a Brother who doesn’t speak English here is the translation done by the LML in English team. 


Est-ce que cela peut s'empirer ! J'ai assisté à une tenue de ma Loge à Londres (Blackfriars) et pour la première fois j'avais honte d'être un Maçon en France. Et je ne suis pas le seul à sentir pareil. J'ai pleuré des vraies larmes à ce sujet. IL FAUT FAIRE QUELQUE CHOSE ! L'Administrateur doit arrêter de tergiverser et faire son foutu boulot. Plus que jamais, je suis déterminé de voir la fin de l'administration actuelle. Je veux être fier d'être membre de la GLNF. Je ne vais jamais renier mon appartenance à la GLNF mais quand j'entre dans Great Queen Street (le siège de la GLUA), je me sens mal à l'aise.

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Muchmarshmulcher 10/11/2011 09:53

John doesn't need reminding that the situation we are in is shameful and beyond the pale by any civilised standards. His personal sense of shame is no reflexion on his personal honour nor that of
his lodge, and the brethren of Great Queen Street will not be ignorant of that truth, I am sure.
What is not so easy to put into a teacup is the extent of our implication in corruption more generally.
As in other banana republics, there are other parallel forms of corruption going to the very highest spheres of society. We are not that high, I would suggest.
As for the parallels, they may well be a euphimism, an optical illusion. There might possibly be a point of convergence. But the question is where.
And, if we knew the answer, how much caustic soda will be required to cleanse all the channels?
Keep going, John, holding your head high.

gars de l'Est 10/08/2011 10:46

Dear Brother Winnie,

Sadly, I don't know of one single english Brother of the GLNF who would encourage to join the ULRF.(I don't know them all, however)
The common thinking among them is that GLNF recognition is "just" suspended by the UGLE and therefore the obedience is still regular. They won't move until such time as the UGLE will declare
officially the cancellation of the recognition. If you see Madame Legrand sitting on its fence, keep looking. You might see some of our english Brethren not far away.

This let me think of what late President John Kennedy said "Ask not what your country (Monique Legrand ? the UGLE ?...) can do for you, ask what you can do for your country (the GLNF ?) "

Winnie 10/24/2011 18:10

My Brother, I can assure you I know many anglo-saxon Brethren who are members of the GLNF who have joined the ULRF, not the least is the WM who wrote the
heartfelt cry. His entire Lodge, one of the few who labour in English here on French soil, has repudiated stifani & his clique and has rallied to the ULRF to a man.

Peter in Brittany 10/06/2011 17:14

Brother. I am in the same situation and feel the same. There is a very old English expression I would say to M Le Grand. Eithe S*** or get of the pot!

Winnie 10/06/2011 17:58

Dear Brother Peter, 

The anger and bitterness are hard to bear but at least you are still able to go to Lodge in both England & France. There are thoqse whose reciprocal
visiting rights have been denied. I can no longer visit the Lodge closest to the village of my ancestors in the Scottish Highlands.

Encourage each and every Lodge, WM and brother you know in the GLNF to join the ULRF. It's our only hope. On or off the pot Miss Monique doesn't seem to be
moving anything at all !!!

aurousseau de champmartin jacques 10/06/2011 11:20

Il m'arrive la meme chose
j4AI D2MISSIONN2 DE LA glnf en Avril écoeuré et choqué,me sentant trahi par nos dirigeants
J'ai monté un dossier d'entrée à lUGLE,à St Thomas's Lodge
que je fréquente depuis 200car j'ai un pied à terre à Londres où je me rends fréquemment
Donc l'accès m'a été officiellement refusé au grand scandale des FF anglais qui ont protesté auprrès du Secrétariat de l'UGLE
Cela fait un drole d'effet de se sentir rejeté du moins officiellement par un ORDRE QUI M4'A TOUJOURS CHALEUREUSEMENT ACCUEILLI
La GLNF est vraiment grillée et j'ai honte d'appartenir à cette Obédience qui est une caricature d'un fonctionnement mafieux;par contre je peux fréquenter les Cpters de l4UK
il faut qu'il y ait un mouvement de masses :nous avons été que 2 à démissionner ;le reste des FF reste frileux et moutonnier:
j'espère que ma candidature sera acceptée par l'UGLE car démissionnaire de la GLNF

Winnie 10/06/2011 17:52

Mon TCF, Tu es dans une situation pire que notre Frère Jean. Lui, anglais et membre de la GLUA depuuis des lustres et également membre de la GLNF depuis très
longue date, peut rester membre de ses Loges en Angleterre et en France. Il subit tout simplement la honte personnelle de ce qui se passe ici en France.

Toi, tu es tombé dans la période où ephesse a retiré la reconnaissance de la GLUA. Tu n'étais pas encore membre d'une Loge en Angleterre. tes Frères en
Angleterre t'aiment mais le retrait de la reconnaissance se traduit pour toi par un refus de droit de visite. Merci ephesse  !!!

Dear Brother, Your case is more difficult than our Brother John. he is and has been a member of both the UGLE and the GLNF for many years and as such can
continue to go to Lodge in both countries. All he has to bear is the GLNF cross of shame !

You fell into that period when ephesse decided to withdraw recognition of the UGLE and as such, your visiting rights are denied you. Many thanks to ephesse