A letter to America

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A letter to America


On June 21st François Stifani wrote to at least one Grand Master of a Grand Lodge in the United States. We have been told that he wrote a number of such letters but we can only confirm one because we have a copy of it, a 6 page letter with 21 pages of financial reports and statements. It is a classic example of François Stifani practising the art of half truths and personal interpretation of the facts.


Our copy of the letter is in PDF which means you will need to have it open in front of you to match our comments to its paragraphs. link


Page 1.

 -         Claude Seiler was struck off the GLNF register because he opposed François Stifani at the Sovereign grand Committee meeting on December 4th 2009. His was unfortunately only the first of what has become a very long list.


Page 2.


François Stifani has very definitely undertaken political activity in the name of the GLNF. The Elysée Palace, office of the French President, has 13 letters on file from François Stifani, on GLNF letterhead including one in which he pledged the support of the 43000 members of the GLNF for Nicolas Sarkozy’s ministers and their programmes. He also sent a report to the French president on the wearing of the Moslem veil.


The ad hoc administrator was not appointed by the court at François Stifani’s request. His was rejected. The administrator, Maître Monique Legrand, was appointed at the request of the opponents to the stifani system. Following his refusal to present the accounting books and to respect the decision of the GLNF Annual Assembly of March 25th 2010 and his subsequent refusal to call a new Genereral Assembly as ordered by the court (he was ordered to put his own revocation on the agenda) FMR and Myosotis asked for and obtained the appointment of Maître Legrand.


Numerous Brethren are in regular contact with Maître Legrand, in particular the opponents to François Stifani who requested and obtained her appointment and who, recently, in collaboration with her, asked for and were granted an extension of the period of her mandate.


Page 3.


The audits that François Stifani has attached to the letter are not those ordered by the court but mere accounting audits requested by the GLNF management. The audits ordered by Maître Legrand are still being completed and this is the principal reason for the delay in scheduling a new general Assembly of the GLNF Association. Maître Legrand has given copies of certain documents to FMR and Myosotis, the contents of which imply the possibility of criminal lawsuits being brought by the Public Prosecutor against the GLNF management, including François Stifani.


François Stifani has regularly used the columns of François Koch’s blog when it suited his purposes.


The letter sent to Maître Legrand following her meeting with FMR and Myosotis on May 24th recount exactly what was discussed and decided.


Maître Legrand has never denied or protested the contents of the letter. It is only François Stifani who writes that she has. The administrator meets regularly with FMR and Myosotis.


The complaints to the court (similar to the one concerning Stifani’s letter to Nicolas Sarkozy) will lead to nothing as they are baseless. But they do gain time for François Stifani.


Page 4.


François Stifani’s opponents have no desire whatsoever to take over the GLNF. All they want is his departure and a total reform of the Constitutions, statutes and By-Laws to ensure that such a situation can never occur again in the future.


The Jurisdictions did not take a stance until a full 10 months after the beginning of the crisis. Their initial joint communiqué was in response to the brutal treatment of their members by François Stifani.


The Jurisdictions expressed their anxiety at the chaotic situation within the GLNF, the severe repression of all those who manifested a disagreement with François Stifani and the tendency for the GLNF to stray from the path of Traditional Freemasonry.


The Jurisdictions have always respected the total independence of the GLNF in the administration of the first three degrees (Entered Apprentice, fellow Craft and Master). They have never addressed the GLNF members directly. On the other hand François Stifani has suspended the heads of the 3 Jurisdictions and has created a Moderns’ rite under his own authority. The members of the 3 major Rites represent 75% of the GLNF membership.


Working within the limits of the statutes and by-laws the PGMs attempted to preserve their Provinces from the turmoil. It was only when it became apparent that they could no longer continue down that path that they rallied to the opposition.


The majority of the brethren are opposed to the sectarian straying of the GLNF management, particularly François Stifani. They are opposed to the confiscation of the sovereign rights of each Lodge, the repeated exposure to the media, the suspect contacts that François Stifani and his closest allies enjoy with a number of African heads of state who could only be described as dictators. They are opposed to the lack of financial transparency, the control of the GLNF by a privileged minority. Proof of this opposition was the rallying of more than 2000 Brethren at the Montreuil meeting and the total rejection of the François Stifani system at 2 Annual general Meetings (GLNF on March 25th 2010 and OAF on June 17th 2011).


Page 5.


It is up to the courts to determine if slander has occurred. François Stifani cries “slander” but that proves nothing. For the moment his score in the courtroom is 6 defeats in a row. And tomorrow, June 24th he is likely to get his 7th.


The Jurisdictions expressed concern at the non-respect of the rule in 12 points, the French equivalent of the landmarks of traditional freemasonry. It was this repeated non-respect of the rule by François Stifani that set off the crisis.


Most of the PGMs who have rallied to the opposition do not wish to hold office after the reforms are successfully put in place.


The membership of the GLNF is certainly less than 45000, probably lower than 40000. And should the worst occur and François Stifani remains, there will be many more who will leave the GLNF.


The official GLNF organs of communication are propaganda and disinformation machines.


Ever since the first incident on December 4th 2009 the opposition has worked to re-establish regularity within the GLNF, to conserve unity and harmony and to save the Obedience from explosion or implosion. The leaders of FMR and Myosotis have formally undertaken to accept no official function after the refoundation.


The GLNF audits are only book-keeping audits. They merely prove that 2 + 2 = 4. They do not take into account cashflows, nature of expenditure. There remain many questions that have been asked over the past 18 months and which the GLNF management has consistently failed or refused to reply.


The opposition merely wants the GLNF to function in harmony with the values of traditional freemasonry.


The Statutes and By-laws have been progressively and surreptitiously modified over the past 15 years, giving total power to a faction with a total lack of counter-balance. The rejection of the Stifani system at 2 General Assemblies (GLNF & OAF) are proof that the brethren have had enough.


The opposition wants to conserve the GLNF’s regularity and its international recognition. Anfd it wants the GLNF to retain its respected and dignified position within the international masonic community.


Page 6.


- The interests that François Stifani defends are those of his clique. They have nothing to do with the values of traditional Freemasonry. Once again, 2 general Assemblies and a number of court decisions have confirmed this.



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landaise 06/24/2011 14:32

I hope that all brethen will have a chance to read and understand this letter. Things are clear : Stifani and his cliques do not want to leave and will do all their best to stay in place. Subject
to Court decision, we are all in the mass and some resignation are on the way. Hopefully you will disclose this comment this time.

Winnie 06/24/2011 16:07

I couldn't agree more. Stifani, Foellner and their clique are clinging to their positions and their privileges like a limpet to a rock. And there is much
more than just masonic honours that they are seeking to protect. The truth will come out very soon. It will be Maître Legrand's audits that will set the machine in motion because it will be
supported by the laws of the French Republic. The decision of the Court of Appeal has been delayed a week but the truth will be revealed. Like you I hope the brethren read Stifani's letter, a
tissue of lies and falsehoods and then they read the comments. it is most important that Brethren in the english speaking world (and that does not mean just Great Britain and the USA) inform
themselves of the sasd state of affairs here in France. And it is even more important that they bring the crisis to the attention of the National Officers of their Grand Lodges.

Regrettably you  are right when you say that there will be resignations from the GLNF. Already there have been many (we estimate something of the order
of 5000, perhaps even more), I would have preferred that they stay but I can understand their frustration. 

Letters 06/24/2011 06:23

This blog is really awesome and it's very useful for us..Thanks!