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May you live in interesting times ! This ancient Chinese curse and proverb is certainly the case for members of the GLNF. A random selection of the actions of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide ably demonstrate how interesting the times are:


An ex-GM who receives a reply from the French President to a letter he never sent.


The same ex-GM, lawyer by trade, who treats the decisions of the courts of the land with total disdain


Again the same ex-GM who auditions for the main role in a remake of  “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” striking hundreds of WMs off the GLNF register


Him again, denying reality when numerous GLs around the world suspend recognition of the GLNF


Guess who “suspended” the heads of the 3 principal Masonic Jurisdictions in France ?


And then he tries to gazump the UGLE by backdating a letter claiming to suspend recognition of the UGLE. That’s akin to complaining to your mother-in-law about your wife !!!


But don’t despair; LML in English and several other Myosotis blogs have discovered an idea posted on the Paris Grande Arche Myosotis blog. link


The initiative has been taken jointly by 2 ex-PGMs : Marc CAIRE (Neustrie = Normandy) and Charles TORDJMAN (Paris Grande Arche), “guillotined” by François Stifani late last week, and  Frédéric GARNIER, WM of the Lodge La Fraternité Ecossaise, N° 1256 in Tours. We at LML in English know none of these 3 Brothers personally but their joint idea appears to be the most sensible proposition put forward since the Montreuil assizes so many months ago.


Basically, the appeal is to recover international recognition in total respect of Masonic Regularity, and of the diversity and richness of our various Rites. The appeal is addressed without exclusivity to ALL the opposition forces, be they already constituted or not. The proposition is for an “ASSEMBLY within an informal UNION OF REGULAR LODGES.




So how does it work ?


Those Lodges that wish to adopt this constructive, legitimate and unifying plan hold an internal ballot (it is suggested that ALL members of the Lodge be invited to participate because that is the way Lodges function within the UGLE). The WM then sends the document to the e-mail address : regularitelogesunies@gmail.com


For those Lodges that have already undertaken a similar ballot there is no need to vote again. The WM merely confirms that the Lodge adopts the proposal (it was foreseen in the original document).


Every Brother and every Lodge MUST remain part of the GLNF. The proposal is for an informal union in the hope that is could “melt “ back into the GLNF when and if it recovers recognition.


In the meantime,  the Brethren, members of these Lodges (the UNION of which would be recognised by the Jurisdictions……and later on by the foreign Grand Lodges) will be able to continue to labour in the Higher degrees, which would be statutorily impossible within the current situation of the GLNF whose Regularity is contested both within and without the Obedience and which has lost its International Recognition.


Under the current circumstances the opportunities to Reunite within Regularity and International Recognition are not legion.


Don’t miss the bus !!! There may not be another one !!!


A Solemn Appeal For A Sacred Union




The loss of International Recognition of the GLNF, to which our Mother Grand Lodge, the United Grand Lodge of England is henceforth associated, obliges us to react promptly and to affirm our attachment to the regularity of our masonic practices.


To us, the proposed initiative appears to encompass exactly the aspirations of a vast majority of us.


In fact, the WM of a Lodge sent us an appeal which joins the solemn declaration that we invited all Lodges to adopt in respecting certain majority rules and enabling us to recover the recognition whose withdrawal we foresaw.


The initiative to create a Union of Regular French Lodges is henceforth the only way to preserve the authenticity and universality of our masonic approach.


Please find as an attached document the appeal from this WM who has just been sanctioned by a management that has ceased to exist since its resignation on January 21st, 2011; with the project of a solemn declaration to put to the vote in your Lodge, which will ,we hope, rapidly recover the international recognition that has been withdrawn; respecting masonic regularity, and the diversity and richness of our various Rites.


You may rapidly correspond with the Union of Regular French Lodges at the following address : regularitelogesunies@gmail.com.


We are convinced that this initiative will be the occasion for a true renaissance and will enable the preservation of our traditional freemasonry in respecting the landmarks and the Rule in 12 points.


MWB Marc CAIRE                                                                   MWB Charles TORDJMAN



A Solemn Appeal to the Heads of the Order of the GLNF



After the GL of Luxembourg, the Regular GL of Belgium, the United GLs of Germany, the GL of Austria, the GL of Switzerland – Alpina, the GL of Poland, the Regular GL of Italy, the Regular GL of Turkey and the GL of Massachusetts it is now the GLs of England, Scotland that have suspended their recognition of the GLNF.


Sanctioning the wayward actions of François Stifani, who could have, as underlined by the British GLs, ended this situation on June 27th, it touches directly and harshly all the Brethren of the GLNF, who now risk the infamy of banishment by Universal Masonry.


Sanctioning also the management of an Obedience which has strayed from the Landmarks and the principles of Regularity while the majority of Lodges continued to respect them under conditions that were often difficult.


In your function as Worshipful Masters, Heads of the Order, and henceforth sole trustees of the Tradition and of Masonic regularity, it is your responsibility, in the name of the interests of the Brethren of your Lodges to mark your distance from this management which, by the suspension of its recognition, has lost all legitimacy.


I, Frédéric GARNIER, Worshipful Master of the Lodge La Fraternité Ecossaise, having recently signed the appeal of the Regular Lodges, having just been the object of a sanction from a power that we can no longer recognise, since it is henceforth not recognised, I solemnly declare that this day I have created the Union of Regular French Lodges.


At this moment when the destiny of the GLNF may change radically, I invite all the Worshipful Masters, the only persons of the Order capable of reconstructing what ignorance, pride, ambition and love of material things have destroyed, to join with me and with the numerous Lodges that have already suspended provisionally their masonic relations with a discredited obedience and to make their unequivocal rejection heard within this Union.


Without exclusion, we call upon all the opposition forces, be they already constituted or not, to join this appeal in order to confirm before Universal Masonry that the Freemasons of the GLNF remain unanimously and unconditionally attached to the principles of Recognition and Regularity and that today they are the unique and legitimate expression.


Signed in Tours on July 21st, 2011-07-24


Frédéric GARNIER










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George Philpott 07/25/2011 22:58

French Brethren: As an english mason who believes totally in the international and boundary-free principles of masonry, I have watched the developments in ffrance with sadness. Doubly sad as I hope
to move to France to Live before too long, and I am hoping to make freindships with French Masons, something, of course, which , certainly officially, I cannot do at preseent. I wish you well in
your struggle, and hope it comes to a good conclusion. This new initiative gives hope that at the least, the real freemasons can become acceoted once again. In our hearts, you still remain masons,
the sad circumstances, prevent this official recognition at present.

Wishing you all well


Winnie 07/26/2011 09:09

Dear Brother George,

Fear not, the light is very definitely at the end of the tunnel and the rest of the tunnel we have still to traverse isn't too long. You will find that the
vast majority of GLNF members will make you most welcome and a majority of Lodges will welcome you. François Stifani's antics by backdating a document to July 14th have no binding effect on true
and Regular French Freemasons.