A minimum of 581 GLNF Lodges no longer recognise François Stifani and his administration

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Please find attached as a link an initial list of 581 Lodges of the GLNF that have formally ceased to recognise François Stifani and his administration at all levels, both national and provincial. For these Lodges and the majority of the Masters of each Lodge, François Stifani has no legitimate position. Each Lodge hasvoluntarily and temporarily severed its links with the GLNF as per the article “An appeal to all Lodges of the GLNF” published on LML in English on July 3rd 2011. link



The list supplied is dated June 30th, 24 hours prior to the postponement of the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal and concerns only 15 Provinces, approximately a third of the national total (we will provide more up to date figures as they come to hand). The number of dissenting Lodges is rising by the hour. As soon as we can bring you an up to date national figure we will do so. At last you have an independent verifiable statistic because we can supply you with the Lodge name, number, and WM contact. You can check for yourself. The Pisan propaganda machine can no longer pull the wool over your eyes.

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echelle de jacob 07/06/2011 20:44

It is also possible to have a list of lodges in countries close to France (UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, ect...)that could "temporary" accept Brethen from GLNF, despite the current "recognition
suspension"? I think that could be helpful and good option for those who would like to remain under the "regular freemasonry". Thank you very much for any reply.

Winnie 07/06/2011 21:21

Since the grand Lodges of the countries you mention have already temporarily suspended recognition of the GLNF I can hardly publish a list of Lodges that
will allow GLNF members to visit, even though wre all know that such Lodges exist. It is sufficiently difficult to get support for our Cause in these countries without creating internal troubles
for them