A new declaration (Mark Master Masons of France)

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Following the important recent declaration made conjointly by the Supreme Commanders of other "Orders" or "Rites" (to use words that occur frequently in French Masonic usage,) it is the turn of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of France  to express his dismay at the state of the GLNF and demand a  return to our traditional values. Here, Brethren, is a translation of this important declaration by M.W Bro Henri Suss.



consecrated, constituted and installed on the 31st day of March 1997


Grand Master


Letter to the Brethren

From the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for France

Clermont-Ferrand, December 13th, 2010.


My Dear Brethren

Although the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for France was not consulted prior to its publication, which we deeply regret, we wish to inform you that the GLMMMF entirely and without reserve approve the solemn declaration that the Grand Priory of the Rectified Rite, the Supreme Council of the 33 degrees of the A&ASR for France and the Grand Chapter of the French Rite recently issued.

For us masons regular, the Rule of Twelve Points contains the basic and intangible principles to which we are morally committed, notably:

- Freemasonry refers to the Antient Charges and Landmarks of the Brotherhood, notably in respect of the specific traditions of the Order essential for the regularity of its jurisdiction

- Freemasonry is an Order to which may belong only men free and of good repute who engage to practise an ideal of Peace love and Fraternity,

-  Freemasonry enjoins on all its members to respect the opinions and beliefs of all. It forbids within its ranks all religious or political discussion and controversy.

- Freemasons must admit in their lodges only men of perfect repute, loyal and discrete.

- Thus, Brethren, Masonry must needs bring us closer together and not divide us.

- Thus, Brethren, Masonry must needs teach us to keep our dignity.

- Thus, Brethren, Masonry must needs elevate, not lower us.

In the name of Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for France, I expect the Grande Loge Nationale Française rapidly to restore peace, Love and Joy among regular Masons.

I further, naturally and particularly, call on the GLNF Craft Grand Lodge scrupulously to respect our agreements and protocol and the laws applying to Masonry internationally, so that it shall ensue that the degrees which the legitimately holden by the Rites may be practised in the regularity that is recognized by all.


My Dear Brethren ,Master Masons of the Mark, let us have confidence and continue, as you have done till now, to act as true and faithful Masons in dignity and fraternity.



With my warmest Fraternal Greetings

Henri Suss

Grand Master.

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Stephen Burrough 12/19/2010 17:50

It is comforting news to know that GM Suss has put the GLMMMF clearly on the moral high ground. The GLMMMF arose from a District (for France) of the GLMMM for England and Wales, and many of its
members are also members of that today.If they read this, they would be well inspired to spread the news to other lodges of the Mark (together with the link to come and read this blog!) Arturusrex