A new group opposed to the Pisan Tyrant… …TBWSNBATN !

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Inspired by an article posted on Myosotis Picardie Plaine de France link



I, myself and me, having consulted our collective conscience, have decided to create a new opposition group to Ephesse 1st and all those little apparatchiks which gravitate around him like moths to a light globe. If you have any doubts about this, just take a look at the group photo of PGMs, DPGMs, etc, gathered round the self-proclaimed spiritual leader on October 27th.


Brethren Who Say Nothing But Are Thinking Nonetheless”


After much reading of recent blog postings and ,umerous exchanges with “ground level “ Brethren, you know, those who say :


      -   But what are you doing ?

What’s this group “Ni scission, ni soumission” ? (Neither schism, nor submission)

What’s the ULRF ?

What’s this group of 15, 13, 10 PGMs ?

What’s this I hear about the Myosotis blogs contradicting one another ?


No-one understands what’s going on ! Talk about being sick and tired ! If you wanted Stifani and his gang to win the battle, you couldn’t do it better !


So we (the “royal “ we, if you please, meaning “I, myself and me” (plural, therefore “we” !) the BWSNBATN collective group NOTING THAT :


You, my Brethren :


Ni scission, no soumission Collective

Fidèle d’amour (Myosotis Dauphiné Savoie)


The group of 12 PGMs (formerly, 15, then 13, then 10 and, for the moment, 12 !)

The Pisan “Indignants”

MYOSOTIS (that is, those Myosotis who aren’t in disagreement with MYOSOTIS)

Raminagrobis (Myosotis de Septimanie)

Socrate (Myosotis Grande Couronne), a “Big Crown for whom ?

WBro Murat


Zorbec le Gras, Guinguingoin (Myosotis Mont Gargan)


Who represent the currents, streams, eddies and backwaters of the opposition, you who are surely masons of quality, free and of good standing.

You, who for many months have cried out loud and long that you reject  stifani, his “system” and his sectarian statutes.

You, who labour for a fraternal GLNF, transparent, observing scrupulously the Landmarks and the rule in 12 points

You, who want to modify the statutes so that once again the Lodge is the cornerstone of the Obedience

You, who wish to regain Regularity and International Recognition

You,  who demand an AGM as soon as possible, perhaps even sooner than that

You, who want a new GM from the ranks, clearly attached to our Masonic values with a firm desire to preserve the Harmony of our GLNF

You, who respect the laws of the Republic

You, who confirm that the WMs are the heads of the Masonic Order

You, who demand total transparency in the financial affairs of the Obedience

You, who have gone beyond the intellectual level where you think only your opinion is the right one

You, who want to bring together that which is spread apart

You, who preach for the UNION


Stop talking about it, do it !


In consequence of all the above we (still the “royal” we !), the BWSNBATN collective group ORDER :


That you stop quarrelling

That you MEET TOGETHER in Fraternity and Agreement within two months at Bineau or elsewhere

That at the end of this meeting you present a united group, the framework of a new Management team

That you designate the Brother who is candidate for the presidency of the obedience and who will be elected at the next general Assembly in January 2012.

That then you summons very quickly, within one or two months maximum, an Extraordinary general Assembly to modify the statutes in priority on the following points

  1. The candidate for the Grand Mastership and for the Presidency of the Association is elected by the ordinary General Assembly, by the majority of members that form it. These two functions are indissociable.
  2. The President of the GLNF Association, at the same time Grand Masyter, is elected for an office of three years and cannot exceed two mandates.
  3. The creation of an Overseeing Committee that can destitute the Grand Master and, therefore, the President of the GLNF Association, for grave fault in regard to the Masonic ethic.


And remember one thing :


You can do it, yes, you can, and you must !

If not, there will be Schism or Submission.

We’ve warned you !


Signed : the BWSNBATN collective group


This is a false report, I, myself, and me “we”are convinced you’ve understood that, but there’s a lot of common sense in it !

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Arturusrex 11/02/2011 20:50

A little laborious, Winnie, the mockery of the article you have reproduced in English (thanks for that!) taking the mick out of the dissentious groups and mini-groups who can see no further than
their navels.
But you are absolutely right and so are all those who, collectively and especially individually have adhered to the Union des Loges Régulières Françaises. (ULRF)
We have to stop faffing about and palavering as if it was still the ineffable 4th Republic, and become efficient. The UGLE will not recognise the ULRF overnight, perhaps not for a long time; but to
join it and develop it is the only right way ahead, to regain recognition of our regularity.

Winnie 11/03/2011 09:58

You are so right, the ONLY solution is the ULRF. Encourage each and every WM, Lodge and Brother to
rally to the UNION.