A pearl from the Stifanaticus !!!

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A pearl from the Stifanaticus !!!


Yesterday’s meeting at Pisan of the Provincial Grand Masters was a non – event. In these troubled times it is probably wise to maintain a low profile. To paraphrase W.C.Fields, “PGMs should be seen but not heard, and preferably not seen at all.” !!!


Out of 33 PGMs only 15 turned up to hear what their self-proclaimed spiritual guide had to say.


Despite 3 letters from PGMs openly declaring their opposition to the current management policies,


Despite a letter of criticism from an Assistant PGM co-signed by all the POs and the 17 WMs he oversees (more than 25% of an entire Province),


Despite a pending appeal before the Paris Supreme Court of Appeal,


Despite a “perhaps one day in the distant future” Annual General Assembly,


Despite more than serious doubts about the management of the GLNF finances


Despite all that, NOTHING !!! ZILCH!!! NIENTE !!! RIEN !!! NADA !!!


Virtually nothing happened. The flock of PGM sheep had nothing to bleat and the shepherd was strangely silent.


There was just one pearl. Timidly, the Lutèce PGM had written to the Great Manipulator repeating what 3 other PGMs had strongly stated. Lutèce’s N° 1 sheep being present, he was the “target” of the day. Referring to the letter the Stifanaticus said,


“I know, the Brethren don’t like me……I couldn’t care less, I don’t like them either !!!”


Strange comment from someone who purports to be a Freemason and who wrote in “Le Figaro” on March 14th, “At the GLNF we prefer to speak of brotherly love.


François Stifani, you are nothing but a hypocrite. You have no place in the GLNF, you have no place in French Freemasonry, you have no place in Freemasonry anywhere on the face of the earth. Begone. And don’t bother closing the door behind you. The room needs airing !!!

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