A pie in the face for François Stifani and Michel Z.......!!!

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A pie in the face for François Stifani and Michel Z……. !!!


2 days ago, Friday april 29th,  François Stifani, the EX – GM of the GLNF, once again shot off a number of ordinances he no longer has the right to produce. Among them was ordinance n° 1375 replacing the PGM of Paris Grand-Arche Province, Charles Tordjman, by Michel Zecchini, one of François Stifani’s staunchest fawnicators.


Immediately the “new” PGM, whose name closely resembles a long green vegetable, put pen to paper cancelling the meeting of the Paris Grand-Arche Grand Lodge, to be held just 24 hours later, yesterday, Saturday April 30th in the Neuilly Bineau Grand Temple.


But François Stifani and his fawnicator miscalculated the will of the Paris Grand-Arche Brethren. The “cancelled” Grand Lodge not only took place, the Temple was filled to overflowing with the balcony seats fully occupied, additional chairs installed in the aisles and a large number of Brethren standing wherever they could find a spot. Despite the crowed conditions everything proceeded with the calm and dignity you could expect of a Grand Lodge meeting. An historic example and proof once again that the vast majority of the Brethren of the GLNF no longer consider that François Stifani and his band stand for anything at all in the Obedience. And that the Brethren, the Lodges, the Worshipful Masters, the Provinces and the Provincial Grand Masters can function in perfect harmony without the intervention of François Stifani.


Yesterday was yet another message to Maître Legrand that François Stifani has no legitimacy in the GLNF, that the Brethren ignore him totally and that what they want is that she calls the Annual General Meeting where the Lodge representatives will confirm the rejection of the untitled tyrant of the Pisan bunker.


In the meantime it would appear that the GLNF cash reserves are still being used for the hiring of a suite at the Arc de Triomphe Hilton where François Stifani wines and dines the happy few. And there are rumours that in a few days he is off to Columbia, no doubt flying up the front and definitely not slumming it back in cattle truck class. After Air Bongo, Djibouti diplomatic passport and lobster and bubbly on the beach in Mauritius we’ll leave it to your imagination what the attraction is in Columbia !!! And further to your imagination, who’s paying ???


Nil Illegitimus Carborundum !!!

                                                Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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