A radical change to the French Masonic landscape

Published on by Allan Sanders

A close reading of Grand Master Alain Juillet’s speech at the GL-AMF consecration on April 28th, the joint communiqué by the 5 European Grand Lodges withdrawing Recognition of the GLNF and the positive reply from the GLdF to the 5 Grand Lodges set the scene for a radical change to the French Masonic landscape.

It is unlikely that the 5 Grand Lodges made their declaration without having consulted the UGLE.

It now appears that three French Obediences (Grande Loge de France, Grande Loge Traditionnelle Symbolique Opéra and Loge Nationale Française) have been discussing the creation of a federation with a title something like "French Traditional Masonic Federation" (FMFT) for over a year now. This with a view to obtaining international Recognition. Obviously at that level, numbers count. The three combined add up to approximately 38000 Brethren.

The phenomenal success of the GL-AMF numbers (more than 8500 in just 10 weeks) and the continued strife within the GLNF can only help the federation concept. The GL-AMF will number something like 10000 by the end of July.

Alain Juillet has hailed the move by the other three Obediences as a positive step in the right direction. A 48000 strong body of Regular French Freemasons will make the international masonic scene sit up and take notice, not the least of which are the three “Home” Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland, due to hold their annual tripartite meeting in a few days time. They can hardly avoid meeting without making reference to the GLNF situation and this bold move of entente by four Regular French Obediences.

Perhaps the term “French bordel” will soon be a thing of the past !!!

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English Brother 07/16/2012 02:15

You believe that the 5 European GLs probably consulted UGLE before speculating aloud about GLdF potentially having some role in regular freemasonry. I doubt this, because I'm sure that UGLE would
have advised strongly against the idea.

It has always been the conclusion of serious researchers (and I believe that the Home GLs firmly share this opinion) that GLdF does not have Regularity of Origin, and therefore that it can never be
Recognised. An irregular practice can (potentially) be corrected, but an irregular origin is a matter of history. Without Regularity of Origin, it does not matter how closely one might imitate the
practices of regular freemasons: one could never be more than an impostor, i.e. a cowan.

Note, on the other hand, that GOdF *does* have Regularity of Origin, even though it obviously fails Regularity of Practice on multiple grounds. It was because the founding Lodges of GLNF came from
the GOdF (and therefore could inherit Regularity of Origin, if acceptable procedures were followed) that it was possible for UGLE to Recognise the GLNF when they committed themselves to Regularity
of Practice. If GLNF had instead been a descendant of GLdF, then I don't think we would ever have Recognised GLNF.

If GLAMF now links itself to the GLdF, then it may become merely one more among the numerous unrecognised French bodies, like GLTSO and LNF. In that case, I doubt that the Home GLs would ever
Recognise GLAMF, since we have never contemplated Recognising any of those other bodies orbiting around the GLdF.

Allan Sanders 07/17/2012 14:04

What poppycock ! There is no such thing a Regularity of Origin. If one accepts your reasoning the UGLE should never have granted recognition to the GLNF
because it was constituted by only two Lodges back in 1913.

I have serious reservations about the GLdF obtaining recognition for a number of reasons :

they accept intervisits with the GOdF

their notion of the great Architect is borderline to say the least

the relation between the Obedience and the Jurisdiction is far from clear.

Philippe Christian 07/09/2012 22:49

If we can imagine this scenario, we must for the moment be careful.
It's necessary to us to prove to all that we are indeed in a spirit of construction with love and brotherhood.

Allan Sanders 07/10/2012 09:44

For the moment there are only reports of discussions. I agree that prudence is most important. If it comes about, it will be a good thing and will certainly
bring stability to Regular French Freemasonry.