A round table going round in circles !!!

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Miss Monique is proposing to meet with all parties, including Ephesse 1st, at an “ultimate” (her word) (it's also the first) meeting to organise the future and obligatory AGM. We know already that the AGM won’t occur before deadline date of October 31st fixed by the judge who appointed Miss Monique. How we’re going to get around that little obstacle I don’t know ! We also know that the January 7th, 2011 date and Paris Palais des Congrès venue is likely to strike difficultuies unless all the Brethren of the GLNF suddenly become specialist medical practitioners as there’s a major medical conference there that day !


Be that as it may Miss Monique plunges forward in the planning of her September 28th meeting to which she has invited (summonsed) :


for the « opposition » : Claude Seiler, Dominique Moreau and Christian Degny 

for the Jurisdictions : Jean-Luc Fauque, Paul Fallet, Jacques Bourbasquet-Pichard, Patrick Ménéghetti

for the masonic heavyweights :  Jean-Claude Tardivat, Jean Murat, Alain Juillet, Serge Toffaloni and Jacques Carles

for the current management :  François Stifani and Henry Sidéry

the lawyers, auditors, electronic organiser, etc :  Me Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, Me Francis Teitgen, Me Christian Huglo, Me Thierry Brézillon, Thierry Bellot, Arnaud Belleil et Me Pascal Robert.


Paul Fallet has already announced that he will not be attending as he has resigned from the GLNF and the Jurisdictions do not interfere in the internal workings of a Grand Lodge.


With François Stifani being invited I see little chance of the meeting going anywhere other than round in circles, particularly when you read the letter sent to Maître Legrand by Grand Council Secretary, Bertrand Heyraud.link




September 12th, 2011


Dear Maître,


At the meeting of September 9th the Grand Council members discussed your proposed round table meeting and found the idea excellent: provided, that is, that the precise agenda be determined and those invited. (first sign of manoeuvring by the current management) The priority of discussions should be given over to the questions of the payment of dues by the Lodges and the Brethren (surprise, surprise !) , then the approval of the accounts and the arrangements for the civil General Assembly (first you pay, then we’ll talk about the rest !) that will be conditioned by the court of appeal decision.


In order to test their true will to find peacemaking solutions we could propose that this assembly be organised under the same conditions as that of October 16th, 2010, that is, in the Provinces (the very same conditions that the Brethren rejected, that have been declared illegal by the courts and whose appeal decision Ephesse 1st has been putting off by every legal trick in the book. And why did the Brethren turn up in massive numbers to vote on October 16th ? To voice their profound opposition to the self-proclaimed spiritual guide and all his band of fawnicators, that’s why !) This method of voting, far more practical and economic (!!! ???) for the Brethren in the Provinces, with the exception of Paris, enjoyed great success and is favoured unanimously today by the Provincial Grand Masters. (Obviously, since most of them have been appointed by the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles since that very date, October 16th, 2011.)


It could be thought that the hidden agenda of the opposition is to attempt to make the Association disappear to the benefit of “their projects” which are infecting our Obedience. It is clear that if they could, by one means or another, destroy the GLNF, a certain number of Brethren, having no other choice, would join their projects. (There are no “projects”. There is simply the Union for Regular French Lodges, an association of Lodges and Brethren which no longer recognise the stifani “team”, an association which seeks to return to the regular ideals of Traditional Freemasonry. http://ulrf.over-blog.com/)


In any case the “representativity” of those persons invited to this round table must be ensured. Some will not miss giving themselves a dimension they lack and a representativity that no-one accords them. (François Stifani, for example, rejected by the vast majority of the Lodges and the Brethren)


Discussing the methods of approving the accounts supposes the presence of those who gave the instructions to vote “against” the adoption of the accounts and the budget in October 2010: meaning the current management of the Supreme Council for France of the A&ASR, who, for the most eminent of them, have resigned from the GLNF, and their representatives in the Provinces.(have resigned or have been “resigned” ???) Many future candidates will wish to be at the meeting merely to give themselves the status of “opponent” in view of the elections for the Grand Mastership in 2012. That would bring nothing to the GLNFand would confer upon them a status that they must obtain by their own merits in the eyes of the Brethren and not via interventions in a certain media traditionally anti- GLNF. (meaning a certain media traditionally anti GLNF management, but used by the same management when it suits their purposes !)


Bertrand HEYRAUD

Grand Council Secretary


LML in English lays you London to a brick the round table goes nowhere, other than round in circles, if Ephesse 1st and Henry the Beancounter are there !

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