A rubber ball about to explode…

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… is how I see our spiritual guide today.


He splits himself in two so that his “material” part need not present itself at a general assembly whose function is to destitute him, and the other part, no doubt coming from the Grand Architect of the Universe, remains in place.


This balloon is over-inflated with fatuousness, pride, disdain for the law and hatred of miasmas. It is also full of nauseous fear. The balloon is weighed down with metal that doesn’t smell the best either. Wagram, who for, what for ? Dictator’s planes, suitcases, who for, what for ? Property trusts, foundations, entertainment expenses, lawyers’ fees, who for, what for ?


Well, this balloon with gold lettering which says, “ Grand Master of the Fattest Grand Lodge of the Universe and of the World, of which I’m the King, I dream about it every night, and mine’s bigger than Bauer’s, whom I don’t like, because he took the place in the Castle reserved for me by the Grand Architect of the Universe.”


It is going to burst because : the president IS the Grand Master and the Grand Master Is the president.


The circumstantial schizophrenia that is dished up to us concerning the pretended difference between these two functions exists only in the dreams or, more precisely, nightmares of a guide cornered by French justice.


Just to refresh your memory here are the articles from our statutes and by-laws which describe and organise the running of our Obedience by a president / Grand Master, that is, for the moment and for a short while still, the same over- excited person, François Stifani.




Article 11B: The office bearers (of the administration board) is made up of the President of the association, in the person of the Grand Master…..

Article 12B: The President executes the decisions of the administration board and ensures the good running of the Association that he represents before Justice and all actions of civil life.

Article 14: The President, assisted by the members of the board, chairs each general assembly.




Article 1.2: The general assembly, chaired by the Grand Master, is composed of….etc.

Article 2.1: The GLNF is placed under the authority of the Grand Master, president of the Association, designated by the statutes and the by-laws….

Article 2.2 : The Grand Master has, in respect of the Statutes and these By-Laws, the power of administration of all rulings and decisions of all affairs concerning the Association

…the Grand Master holds all institutional powers conferred upon the general assembly when it is not sitting.

…the Grand Master chairs the general assemblies and, according to his discretion, all other meetings within the Association.

…signs all acts in the name of and in the interests of the Association

Article 2.3: The candidate to the Grand Mastership is designated by the ex-officio members mentioned in article 1.2…This designation is submitted for ratification by the Association at the general assembly.

Article 3.1: The Association is directed by the Grand Master


So, he wants us to believe that the president and the Grand Master are two different entities and that when the gilded seat of the first is empty, the second’s posterior is still sitting on it !!!


The reading of the articles of our by-laws is clear and the only ambiguity lies in the perverted minds of our guide and his lawyers (paid for with our fees…). To pretend the contrary is an additional denial of reality, already a long list.


So, LET US REJOICE !!!, he has already departed, or will depart very soon, for his resignation entrains the departure of the offending body and of the balloon that he mistakes for another himself.


The judges must be getting sick of seeing him turn up once every couple of days with a new idea of how to avoid………what the judges have already decided. The guide lost all sense of dignity a long time ago, and shame hovers over us, as it does over freemasonry in general.


But today is an historic day, for even if he believes he has once more pulled the wool over our eyes by a clever tactical manoeuvre or ruse, the Grand Master has resigned. And the Administration Board with him as well !!!


So, as each day brings its reward, REJOICE, we are on the right road !!


Others, lying in wait, are announcing their candidature to replace the guide. They are rummaging in the rubbish bins of our resistance to grab at scraps of our programme. The most recent is J.P. Toffalini. A lot of good it will do them !!


We listen to the Lodges and their contributions which are arriving in large numbers at contributions.assises@gmail.com and we are preparing a synthesis of all this input.


With FMR we are looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks at the Assises de la Refondation.


Thanks to the efforts of all of you, Brothers in Myosotis, thanks to the courageous Jurisdictions, thanks to the FMR lawyers who have given their time unstintingly, thanks to the friendly Obediences who well understand our pain at seeing the accumulation of wrongdoings, thanks to all of you we are approaching the end of this period of misery and shame.


The powerful current of these joint forces will soon explode the balloon which continues to believe it is Grand Master.

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