AGM, desperate moves by the Stifanatics

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With just 5 days to go to the AGM, and no indication at this point that Miss Monique will call it off or modify the agenda, the panic metre is in the red zone on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker.


Ephesse and his Propaganda Ministry are flooding the Provincial Officers with e-mails exhorting them to pressure Lodge delegates to delay booking their train tickets, using the suggestion that the AGM will almost certainly be postponed. LML in English insists there is not the slightest suggestion from Miss Monique or her staff that she is about to change her mind. Large sums of money are already engaged and it is awfully difficult to cancel or postpone such a gathering at the very last moment without a very good excuse.


Stifani’s apparatchiks are also spreading the word to delegates that their presence will serve no purpose, that many will be unable to vote (without saying who !). Suspension notices are rolling off the presses in industrial quantities, all to be delivered this week to further discourage delegates.


At the same time a second operation is occurring, but with a different target, the Lodges supporting François Stifani, particularly on the French Riviera. And there, in the best machiavellian tradition, the end justifies the means.


“Bring your wife as well, she can do the Paris sales !”

You’ll get a blue apron !

There’s a Provincial Officer’s position becoming available…

Etc, etc, etc


All the Riviera Brethren who went to Levallois Perret on December 3rd to help in the registration have received blue aprons.


In fact the Stifani Team is running scared. Despite the massive wave of suspensions and exclusions, despite the “Black List”, there remain about 1800 potential delegates whose votes could go either way and reports are circulating that the Sovereign Grand Committee is leaking like a sieve. This AGM will be the first time ever that the GLNF has used a secret ballot for such a large assembly. And Stifani has no idea which way they‘ll jump and he has no way of controlling it. What’s more, the last 2 court rulings have decreed that he is no longer GM – President, that this is definitive and that he has no greater status than any other grass roots GLNF Member. We are told he likes horses. Perhaps he should seek inspiration in Richard III.


Brethren, don’t be put off, discouraged or persuaded. The way you vote is your affair. What is important is that every GLNF Lodge, no matter if has been sanctioned or not, sends its two delegates. Let’s make this the largest gathering of Brethren in the entire history of the GLNF. The more who attend, the more accurate will be the picture of the true feelings of the Brethren.


Spread the word to every delegate you know. Encourage them to go. There are no excuses.



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