AGM maintained … …the « French bordel » continues !!!

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Against all logic and against the requests from both François Stifani and the opposition, Justice Kurz of the French supreme Court has decided to maintain tomorrow’s GLNF Association long-awaited AGM.


And he has rejected all the demands from the opposition “Ni Ni” group, particularly that the electoral college be enlarged to those who have paid their 2009 – 2010 dues and the addition to the agenda of the election of a new President of the GLNF Association.


In refusing to add the election of a new president to the agenda he effectively confirms Miss Monique as administrator since the same Justice Kurz has stated in a previous judgement that François Stifani’s resignation on January 21st, 2011  is definitive and irrevocable. At the same time, in today's ruling he states that the "juge du fond" (principal magistrate) has not yet spoken on this matter and that, therefore, it cannot be stated categorically that the GLNF does not have a Grand Master. And since the courts have already stated that GM = President = GM, if you can understand today's reasoning, you're a better man than I am !!! Could it be that the term "French justice" is a contradiction ? This latest decision continues the series where the thinking of Justice Kurz, Miss Monique and her personal lawyer, Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, defies logic and raises questions concerning the impartiality of both the magistrate and the administrator.


Justice Kurz also rules that Miss Monique had the right to call for contributions equivalent to the 2010-2011 and 2011 - 2012 dues. This is despite a previous ruling which stated she had the right to call for contributions, that GLNF members had the right to pay them, BUT that she did not have the right to demand that they be paid !!! french justice gets it wrong again !


By this arbitrary decision which flies in the face of clearly stated By-Laws of the GLNF Association, hundreds of Lodges will be denied representation at their AGM. And in a vast majority of cases the rightful delegates of these Lodges will arrive at the AGM with the firm intention of making their disapproval felt.


The “French bordel” continues !!!


It will be virtually impossible for the opposition to carry the day. The result will inevitably be contested in court, further wealth for the lawyers and further GLNF funds down the drain.


No doubt Saturday evening or Sunday morning will see the confirmation of the creation of the new Obedience, announced following last Saturday’s ULRF National Convention.


If you are a Lodge delegate and you succeed in gaining entry tomorrow,


Vote “NON” to every proposition !!!

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geoffrey richards 02/05/2012 14:54

I should be interested to know the outcome of yesterday's proceedings

Geoffrey Richards

Winnie 02/06/2012 11:00

Watch this space !!! And read " "