Air Bongo's N° 1 frequent flyer in Washington D.C. ??? Now confirmed !!!

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Air Bongo's N° 1 frequent flyer in Washington D.C. ???

It has just been confirmed by several Brethren in Washington last week. François Stifani was there accompanied by 2 of his apparatchiks and he did meet ali Bongo.


LML in English cannot guarantee the following report posted on,  the website of the Masonic Press Agency of Roumania (APMR). Until 5 minutes ago we had never heard of this press agency, nor of the Masonic Times. Be that as it may, the article alleges that François Stifani and Ali Bongo were in Washington D.C. at the same time. Were they there together ? Did they actually meet ? If “yes” is the answer to either of these questions, then what was the purpose of their travelling to Washington ? As far as we know there have been no major international masoni functions in Washington over the past week or so, despite the report suggesting that the GMs of the Grand Lodges of a number of countries including Germany being present. A bit of googling quickly confirms that Ali Bongo met with Barack Obama at the White House on June 9th.


Googling François Stifani, Ali Bongo and Washington DC brings up nothing. And if François Stifani, who is definitely not a Grand Maste,r had planned to fly to Washington where  GMs of a number of Grand Lodges were gathering we’re sure our spies on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker would have alerted us.


Take it with a grain of salt !!!


Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) - François Stifani and Ali Bongo in Washington D.C.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


In two different articles dated 11 June 2011, by the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR) Stifani and Bongo coincided in Washington... apparently?! Yes, we are talking about the "Grand Master" of Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) and the Grand Master of Gabon (also President of that African country).


According to APMR: Ali Bongo (Gabon's Grand Master) was received at the White House by Barack Obama. Ali Bongo (Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon) the Gabonese President has been received by his counterpart at the White House. This meeting has attracted criticism from overseas media, especially ABC's criticisms, where Bongo has been presented as a despot, "son of the dictatorial system" in Gabon, with a fortune of several hundred million euros. Also according to APMR: Coincidence or not, Stifani's visit to Washington coincides with Bongo's visit to the White House.


APMR was making a parallel with the event in Washington D.C. where several Masonic leaders attended the event: France, Germany, Romania, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Guatemala etc. Even though the United Grand Lodges of Germany no longer recognize GLNF and Stifani, both Grand Masters attended the event.


We already know that the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London issued a statement requiring UGLE's members not to attend nor to visit GLNF's affiliated Lodges.


Yet one question persists: Did Stifani asked Bongo to make an intervention within the American Masonic leaders "forums" regarding GLNF's case? For the moment we can not know but certainly the coincidence of having both in Washington at the same time could intrigue some of the European Freemasons and especially those in France.

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John 06/15/2011 02:15

Dear Winnie,

A few minutes ago I received APMR's official answer regarding my second e-mail. This answer is more elaborated and gives an explanation of the reason for not publishing the photos. I can send it to
you but how? On the site I can not see an e-mail address.

Best regards,


Winnie 06/15/2011 13:03

Dear Brother John,

Thank you for your confirmation that François Stifani was indeed in Washington, that he did meet with Grand Gasters of other Grand Lodges, that he was
wearing the regalia of Grand Master of the GLNF and that he was in the group photo. Thank you also for confirming that he did meet with Ali Bongo who, unlike François Stifani, was not wearing
masonic regalia as he was there on a state visit. Your information is most appreciated and any more you can provide will always bre welcome.

Arturusrex 06/14/2011 15:09

Winnie is right to be cautious. Reading on the Romanian blog that "many people is talking about....", and about the "United Grand Lodge of London", one wonders indeed....
However as a poor linguist myself and often in search in encyclopedias of historical accuracy ( a thing my brain rarely recorda reliably)I dare hope this blog is now one to be consulted with
interest and confidence....We will see.

Winnie 06/14/2011 17:49

Dear Brother King Arthur,

Throw caution to the winds. Go back to the posted article. François Stifani did meet Ali Bongo in Washington last week. We have eye witness reports.

John 06/13/2011 21:33

Beloved Brethren,

Yes there was a meeting in Washington D.C.! A few days ago I was reading APMR's Spanish version on the internet and I was wondering if that is true! Therefore I sent an e-mail to APMR asking them
more about that meeting and from where do they know so much. Their answer was that they have sources in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Italy and Romania confirming them Stifani's presence

Also they stated that due to their foreign policies they will not publish the photos of the meeting. Stifani attended even the official visit at the OAS headquarters in Washington D.C. Why? I do
not know.

But for the moment something in wrong here in Europe and I do not understand it: UGLE, UGGLLGermany etc!!! Does GLNF leaders know about Stifani's visit in Washington D.C.?!

Winnie 06/14/2011 11:42

I am very wary of the articles published on the Masonic Times blogspot. Articles concerning the UGLE and the British Royal family are full of easily
verifiable inaccuracies, their English is far below scratch and none of the European GL websites that I have consulted have mentioned a meeting of GL Grand Masters in Washington DC. If François
Stifani was in America last week, at ours or his own expense I feel sure our spies at Pisan would have advised us. If you have definite proof please contact me via the "Contact" box on LML in
English home page.