Alain Juillet and the ULRF wins another round… …and Pisan panics !!!

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Wearing both his hats as President of the Opposition Pilot Committee and of the ULRF, Alain Juillet had a second meeting yesterday with Miss Monique (following last Friday’s meeting). Using all his talents as a negotiator and armed with the inflexible support of both the pilot committee and the ULRF management he convinced Miss Monique that the court rulings of January 13th and 26th have completely changed the situation.


Miss Monique has finally admitted that François Stifani ceased to be President – Grand Master as of January 21st, 2011 when, of his own volition, he tendered his resignation and that since that date all decisions taken by him have no value at all. That means all sanctions, all nominations and all expenditure.


The most important outcome of the meeting is that the Electoral College for next Saturday’s AGM is the one existing on January 20th, 2011. That means the every Lodge that has been suspended or struck off since that date is eligible to vote. And it also means that each member of the Sovereign Grand Committee nominated since that date, including the 28 named just last week (in yet another attempt to fix the numbers) are not eligible to vote.




Here is a translation of the ULRF Communiqué :


In the continuity of the judgement in favour of the FMR – Myosotis collectivity on January 26th Alain Juillet, president of the ULRF, has just obtained from Maître Legrand, the she fixes the electoral college for the General Assembly next Saturday as the one existing prior to January 21st, 2011, as we have been calling for since the judgement which proved François Stifani is no longer president since that date.


Despite the shameful attempts by the illegitimate Pisan team this clearly improves  the chances that the opposition can obtain the majority at the general Assembly !


Practically, the Lodge delegates who had not yet suffered sanctions at that date should receive a summons from, with whom we will remain in contact to resolve all the problems which could arise. We propose that you write to the following address : to present the facts so they can be handled. The precise conditions are in a letter that Maître Legrand should send to and that we should receive a copy tomorrow.


As well, the ULRF will continue to actively work on the constitution of the new Obedience that was announced at the National Convention last Saturday, and which is destined to build a place of welcome and to aid the germination of those reforms which we intend to introduce urgently. The Lodges and the Brethren who are waiting for this to happen will not be disappointed. The committee in charge of this project meets on Thursday to launch it. This is the project we hold most dearly.


But the perspective opened by Maître Legrand  cannot leave indifferent those who are opposed to the system which enabled a François Stifani to emerge and they will have the opportunity to put an end to it at last.


Therefore, we call upon the Brethren to attend massively this general Assembly which could be the first step of a refoundation as sketched at the ULRF Convention.




As you can imagine, as soon as the Pisan 3rd floor heard of what was going to occur the Propaganda Ministry swung into action, depositing a request to the courts to have next Saturday’s AGM called off and quickly produced a new “Brevda”.


As usual, they are completely wide of the mark !


The communiqué is signed “Alain CANO, Deputy GM”. Stifani’s lapdog still hasn’t understood that since he was appointed by François Stifani after January 21st, 2011, and that François Stifani has not been GM since that date, he cannot pretend to be DGM !


As for the contents, the lapdog is trying to calm the rabble by promising 4 ridiculous Reforms that had already been announced in the past (but have never been instituted) :


the “institutionalisation" of the Colleges of WMs !

the setting up of an Executive Committee made up of 50 / 50 PGOs and WMs !!

the delocalisation of the “financial “ votes at AGMs !!!

a closer link (as yet unspecified) between the SGC and the Colleges of WMs !!!!


After more than 26 months of unprecedented crisis is that the very best they can come up with ?


Let us not cry “Victory” quite yet. Today the electoral college should be sent to by Miss Monique and that firm should send out urgently  a second wave of summonses. But we’ve all heard Miss Monique’s promises in the past …. !!!


No doubt there will be errors and oversights. It’s up to you to point them out by informing


And make sure your Lodge delegates attend the AGM next Saturday at Plaine Saint Denis !!! 

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