Alain Juillet on a tightrope with no net

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Those who were at the meeting of FMR – Myosotis last Saturday recall Dominique Moreau announcing the active assistance of Alain Juillet in the process of reconstruction of the GLNF, the enormous task that lies ahead of us. To most members of the Obedience Alain Juillet is best known for having been the General Secretary of the Council of the Wise which suggest a a high level of competence coupled with a long experience within the GLNF. That is so but should you have any doubts concerning his ability have a look at


Last Monday François Koch published an interview with Alain Juillet on his blog


In an interview granted to “La Lumière” Alain Juillet, in charge of reform of the GLNF details under what conditions ha has come to work with the opponents of François Stifani, grouped together in FMR and the Myosotis blogs.


What sense is there in your relations with FMR and Myosotis ?


I find it very positive that FMR and Myosotis are motivated in order to make proposals. I was present at the beginning of their national assembly and I heard interesting ideas even if I am not in agreement with all of them(he was to come on stage at the end but he was called away on a matter of national importance). Let’s be clear ; I’m a man of consensus, not just on one side. I’m in the process of developing a reform project and therefore I find it essential to take into account all opinions before producing a synthesis.


Won’t this synthesis be more and more difficult to produce because of the gap between François Stifani and his opponents ?


More than ever the GLNF  needs to reunify around a consensual project. And by ceasing to reject the other party. FMR and Myosotis have done  great work, as has jean Murat’s team, as have the GLNF Commissions. Now a synthesis built around a number of principles is necessary for the GLNF in the long term.


Many  Brothers are pre-occupied by the call for fees and the vacancy of the Grand Mastership ?


Those are legal questions : there are lawyers, a temporary administrator and magistrates to reply to those questions. When those questions have been answered the necessity for reform will still be there. And for that I need to remain in contact with each party, I intend to remain on good terms with everyone.


Despite the crisis which is worsening, the risk of separation, you remain optimistic ?


Men are men but the institution remains. The GLNF continues. A separation means failure. Beyond the anathema the GLNF  of tomorrow must be built.



One thing we can be sure of, and that is the Grand Orator of the GLNF, Alain Némarq, is not on the same wavelength as Alain Juillet. He has not heard “interesting ideas” in the FMR and Myosotis proposals since he concludes that “these proposals question the fundamental rules of our traditional Masonry”…. It’s a pity he doesn’t judge it necessary to explain why !

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