Alain Juillet writes to the GL-AMF...and indirectly to those still in the GLNF

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Paris, September 9th, 2012

Letter to all the Brethren


My very dear Brethren,

As we return from holidays, current events are still marked by the events which continue to weaken our former Obedience.

The Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française has never wanted to intervene in this struggle that is of no interest and has never replied to the variety of attacks to which it has been subjected, preferring to concentrate on the masonic labours of the Brethren in Lodge.

The court administrator has just announced the end of the last act but one of this pathetic melodrama with the designation by a Sovereign Grand Committee reduced in number, of a future Grand Master of the GLNF. He is well-known to the Brethren as is the team that surrounds him. They hope for a ratification at the end of the year by what remains of the Obedience.

After having tried to change the GLNF from within during more than two years, we decided with sadness to leave when it became obvious that the existing structures offered not the slightest possibility of achieving change.

Unfortunately what followed and its epilogue have proved us right.

The loss of international recognition and the choice of a Grand Master whose announced programme is not going to change what underlies the GLNF system forces each Brother to decide upon his masonic future with a clear and open conscience.

To what idea of Freemasonry do we wish to subscribe ?

Certain Brethren, having understood that their Obedience was about to lose recognition by the United Grand Lodge of England, hastily proposed palliative measures. Not taking into account the Berlin declaration of the 5 European Grand Lodges, they imagined districts linked to foreign Grand Lodges. They forgot, as the UGLE reminded them, that France is not an open territory. To be part of a foreign Grand Lodge, you must attend Lodge meetings in that country.

Others imagined the creation of local Grand Lodges, at the same time knowing they will be unable to reach the level of diversity and requirements expected by the Brethren, nor will they achieve recognition. Why lead the Brethren down dead-end paths ?

Forget these artificial structures and local power struggles. We must be realistic : with no recognized French Obedience at present, we will have to wait two or three years before the United Grand Lodge of England decides to grant its recognition to one or several Grand Lodges respecting the criteria of regularity and recognition.

Therefore, in close co-operation with the five European Grand Lodges, the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française, is working towards this objective.

With rigour we reply to all requests concerning our statutes, our by-laws and our constitutions, adhering strictly to the rules of regularity. Already we enjoy close contacts with numerous Grand Lodges throughout the world who are preparing to recognize us and exchange guarantees of has done  one Grand Lodge already. A recognition we will formally announce once we have received other recognitions that we are expecting to arrive very soon.

As you know, we practice six rites : York, Scottish Standard, Emulation, French, Rectified Scottish, and Ancient and Accepted Scottish.

The GL-AMF is developing fraternal relations with the Jurisdictions sharing the same values. So, it has signed an agreement with the Grand Chapter of the French rite and with the Supreme Council of the A&ASR, so that Brethren so desiring can continue to labour in the “higher degrees”. (Translator’s note : no formal agreements have been signed; the Grand Chapter of the French Rite and the Supreme Council of the A&ASR have made their  own statements to the effect that for the moment they will accept Brethren from both the GL-AMF and the GLNF.)

Because of the Phaleg blockage, as of next month we will offer an alternative to those Brethren wishing to continue to progress calmly in an internationally recognized Grand Priory.

Finally, this month we will finalize the creation of Royal Arch chapters in the 22 regions of the GL-AMF.

As of now and without prejudicing the future, we will receive all Brethren from regular Grand Lodges who wish to visit our Lodges. We have extended this possibility to Brethren of the GLNF.

In fact, considering that in spite of the very likely loss of recognition on September 12, to those Brethren confronted with the choice of remaining or leaving our ex-Obedience,  it was a good idea to offer the possibility to come and see how we labour, the calm we have found again, and our labour to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe in strict respect of the principles governing international Freemasonry.

I invite them to choose freely where to go, to not let themselves be pressured in any way and to determine which masonic organization corresponds best to their expectations.

To you, my Brethren of the Alliance, I invite you to welcome with open arms those who truly seek spirituality based upon a masonic practice of fraternity, tolerance and humility… wearing their Master Mason’s apron, as is the rule within the GL-AMF.

On the other hand, it is just as important to block entry to those who betrayed their ideal with anti-masonic behaviour towards their Brethren or those who voluntarily confounded their personal or financial interests with those of their Obedience.

Your brotherly love and your vigilance are both necessary, so that the masonic values for which we struggled can progess and for which we are building together the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française, with a view to a new regular Masonry in France.

My very dear Brethren, I offer you my most fraternal greetings.

W. Bro Alain Juillet

Grand Master

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Comment on this post
I quote: "It is important to note that Alain Juillet has deliberately chosen the word "regular"."<br /> <br /> Here is the insurmountable problem in France. Every Brother (& Sister) in every Obedience in France naturally considers his/her working to be regular. Thus the term "regular" no longer has any<br /> useful meaning. "Recognised" is the only useful term. To be recognised by the UK (and most of the US) Grand Lodges a candidate Grand Lodge must work under the definition of "regular" adopted by the<br /> UK Grand Lodges. This means NO inter-visiting by unrecognised Grand Lodge members. I fear Juillet has made a very bad move here, pushing recognition many more years into the future. I had hoped<br /> that in three to five years there may be recognition, but for that Juillet must withdraw his invitation to GLNF & other Obediences. (He does not specify GLNF in his letter, limiting his<br /> invitation to them.)
<br /> <br /> Don't forget Alain Juillet has frequented the obscure corridors of the intelligence world for most of his adult life  and that he is a past master in<br /> the gentle art of diplomatic double-speak. His invitation is directed to the GLNF Brethren and no-one else and it was issued when the GLNF was still technically a Recognized Grand Lodge. I am<br /> certain the contents of Alain Juillet's was known and approved by the major international Grand Lodges (including the UGLE) prior to its publication.<br /> <br /> <br /> Recognition by the UGLE will take at least two or three years, perhaps even longer. And I feel that alain Juillet's letter has done the GL-AMF cause no harm<br /> in that regard.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Hello Alan, I am rather worried by the following statement:<br /> <br /> As of now and without prejudicing the future, we will receive all Brethren from regular Grand Lodges who wish to visit our Lodges. We have extended this possibility to Brethren of the GLNF.<br /> <br /> The problem as I see it is that if the GLAMF is to be recognised in due course, it must not have a history of receiving Brethren from unrecognised Obediences to its meetings. No point here in<br /> debating the old regular/recognised issue. For the UK Grand Lodges to take it seriously there must be NO inter-visiting. Bit of a catch 22 situation, as by letting visitors come to check the<br /> regularity of the work and the opportunity to perhaps belong to a recognised Grand Lodge, any possibility of recognition is lost!<br /> <br /> It would seem safer to me to hold gatherings, to which Brethren from other Obediences could be invited, where frank and open discussion could take place: the visitors being informed that should<br /> they be invited into open Lodge, all possibility of recognition is lost.
<br /> <br /> It all depends upon your interpretation of what lies behind the words. It is important to note that Alain Juillet has deliberately chosen the word "regular".<br /> And to remember the second part of the article's title. We in the GL-AMF know that our labour is 100% regular (but we're not yet recognized). The only so-called "regular" Obedience in France that<br /> is recognized internationally (until tomorrow) is the GLNF. The aim of the sentence is to give members of the GLNF, and no-one else, the opportunity to come and observe and then decide for<br /> themselves. What the official position will be as of tomorrow, only the Great Architect and Alain Juillet know. Even the direct link between man and God is in the dark !!!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />