America doesn't like what is happening within the GLNF !!!

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America doesn’t like what is happening within the GLNF !!!


Best-selling American masonic author Chris Hodapp (Freemasons for Dummies, Solomon’s Builders: Founding Fathers & the Secrets of Washington DC, Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies, …etc.) has suggested on his blog that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has temporarily withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. Should the report be confirmed it will be a first: like our Brother Lafayette, the crisis within the GLNF will have crossed the Atlantic.


Of course, using one of his favourite trump cards François Stifani will say that the GL of Massachusetts is only a minor Lodge. But if the Grand Lodge of an American state is so minor why was François Stifani in such a rush to put his case to a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio ???


LML in English has written to Chris Hodapp asking for confirmation.

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