An AGMP blows a gasket in Maine Atlantique

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Myosotis Maine Atlantique reports the latest incident in a Province where there was resistance but an almost acceptable calm was the norm. link


No longer. Now it’s open war !!!


Last Friday, November 11th, a particularly symbolic date, Titurel Lodge N° 702 met in the Temple in Carquefou (Nantes), the same Temple where the previous Monday the cupboard of the Anneaux de la Lumière Lodge N° 1318 was opened and the entire material of the Lodge, including the Warrant, was stolen. In passing we inform you that an official complaint for theft has been lodged by the Lodge.


At the moment of general business a number of Brethren requested a discussion on the Lodge’s position concerning the current crisis within the GLNF. The APGM, Dominique M…..d, well-known for his lack of self control, strode to WM’s pedestal, wrenched the gavel from his hand and declared, “I close the Lodge !”, and then, with the same gavel, extinguished (crushed is more exact!) the candlesticks on the pedestals of the WM, Senior and Junior Wardens and the Wisdom, Beauty and Strength columns, 9 in all, and then strode out of the Temple slamming the door.


Obviously, confronted with such un-masonic behaviour, numerous Brethren, objected vociferously. Their names were immediately taken and in a very short time, bullied by the still overwrought APGM, the PGM, Jean-Michel H……t, signed ordinances immediately suspending  three Brothers of renowned probity and impeccable masonic behaviour, Claude L……, Loïc D….. and Yannick T….. To everyone’s amazement, but not unexpectedly, knowing the PGM’s renowned reluctance to sanction his own officers, the APGM, who caused the incident, got off scot free. LML in English has no information to the contrary.


Dominique M…… should reread the rule in 12 points, particularly n° 12 : “Freemasons practice the art of maintaining, under all circumstances, the calm and equilibrium essential for a perfect mastery of oneself.”


WMs in Maine Atlantique Province are warned to not leave gavels, squares or compasses lying around. Who knows what the APGM will get up to next !


And there’s more !


Jean-François R….d, Deputy Grand Secretary Provincial, who, for years has done a remarkable back room job keeping the records so essential for the efficient functioning of a Province, has been sacked. Why ? He kept and open mind and had the gall to express his personal opinion in meetings !


And just 2 days after the gavel and candles incident the PGM wrote to all the Brethren of the 6 suspended Lodges of the Province. He suggested that he could facilitate the entry into another Lodge for any Brethren who want to follow the Stifani line and that he would personally take charge of their request. His exact words were : “Wishing to maintain the Harmony and Serenity that characterise our Maine Atlantique Province” !!! A totally surrealistic message because in the suspended Lodges the vote to refuse the current GLNF management was UNANIMOUS in almost every case.


LML in English proposes exactly the opposite. Any Brother, member of a Lodge which is divided and wishes to individually join the ULRF, just click on thelinkand follow the instructions for indiviual subscription (on the right). You will be contacted by one of the 19 Lodges in Maine Atlantique Province that have already rallied to the ULRF where you will be welcomed with open arms.

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