An open letter to Justice Kurz and Miss Monique

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Dear Mister President, Dear Madame Administrator,


I imagine I am teaching you nothing, for it would be ridiculous to undertake a witch hunt against either of you…And even more so, a trial based on ignorance ! All the same, I draw your attention to the absolutely staggering spectacle that the justice of our country is currently offering to the members of our association (which has stood for humanist values for centuries and has shown right throughout its history that, over and above the proud miserabilism of some and the cupidity that is so much part of human nature, it pretends to be the guardian of a philosophy based upon ethics, respect, honour and morality in its noblest form).


What has become of the irreproachable Republic that we were promised not so long ago ?


What are the members of our association thinking today (who are right and honest men for the most part, as I’m sure you agree) when they observe the “whereases” of the general assembly which occurred on Saturday February 4th, 2012 ? How are they to react when they realise that “Democracy”, “Justice”, “professional code of ethics” and “fair mindedness” have become meaningless ? How can they understand that, despite being members of an association to which they have paid their dues for many years, they are unable to vote at its General Assembly ? That their most elementary rights have been “confiscated” by someone ? That they cannot even access the accounts of their own association– a fundamental evidence for any member of a bowling club or a stamp collectors’ association ?


When they contemplate the recent events that have shaken the GLNF, those members of our association who live their masonic engagement in their respective countries, what do they think of us ?


The citizens of our country who are not members of our association but who follow the unbelievable events of the GLNF via their media coverage, what do they think ?


An honest man, Mason or not, implicated or not in this depravity bordering upon indignity, what would he think of such behaviour ? Of this “denial” that does not dare admit its name ? Of this farce straight out of vaudeville or from one of  Kafka’s novels ?


No doubt all these unwilling actors would think that Human nature is decidedly imperfect… That it is not enough to have risen over the millennia to the top of the food chain to be considered today as an “accomplished” species, “evolved” (in the most Darwinian sense of the expression !). At what moment do we give the image of the universal example ? Certainly, a long time ago we traded our “animal skins” for fine clothing, exchanged our “caves” for fine lodgings…. But so what ? Have we really rid ourselves of our ancestral origins ? Of our greedy reflections ? Of this pride that has caused so much blood to flow and has caused so many tears since the earliest dawn ?


Finally, this sordid (in its blackest form) affair has at least the merit of enlightening us on the meanders of human nature. On its lack of backbone, its compromises, its approximations, its proud ambitions, its vicissitudes….Its minute sneezes on the scale of Time ! Certainly, we have learned nothing that we had not already guessed in a more or less conscious manner… But it has opened our eyes, if nevertheless we still needed that !


After all, is it important ? Tomorrow we are going to rebuild… A Masonry as we love it, as we wish, as we want it to be !


We will have learned one thing at least : in our society that pretends to be evolved, contesting the power in place is never “tolerated”. To not want to be a “sheep” that is shorn at leisure. To want to participate in a joint work, to make it more just and more longlasting. No doubt you say, Maître Panurge’s good flock ?


The time is past, my Brothers… We will not submit to the diktats of the politically correct, we will not underwrite all these erring ways, all these depraved acts… we will advance according to the slow pace of our camels, towards the Beautiful, towards what is Good, towards what does Well


ZOZIME (philosopher and alchemist)


P.S. If the great light has not yet completely sent the shadows packing, a glimmer appears nonetheless in this “dimness” for even the friends of our past Grand Master no longer recognise him as such !



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Comment on this post

Ozaguet 02/07/2012 12:48

Many a brother Mason reading the saga "Justice&GLNF" on threads belong to Justice in different countries (European and not European).
I know a couple of them who are at a senior status: For one elected at a state superior court.
What do they think of this parody of justice? Might be interesting to ask them!
These French TGI's officials are elected too?

Winnie 02/07/2012 14:58

I have said it before and I'll say it again, "French justice" is a contradiction !

Bro Baldrick 02/07/2012 12:25

I'm sorry but Arturusrex misses the point completely, and I do not thank him either for his disparaging comments. The point I am trying to make is that the open letter, whilst laudable in its
comments as far as the Brethren are concerned, will mean little or nothing to Mme Legrand or Maître Kurz. They are involved in the GLNF purely for legal & administrative reasons and the
esoterics of freemasonry mean nothing to them. If Brother Zozime had addressed his comments purely to the Brethren then the masonic sentiments would have been (and have been) appreciated. However,
and this is the point I'm trying to make, is that the effect of sending it to Mme Legrand or Me Kurz would have been a waste of effort. They probably won't even have bothered to read it. So please
don't slag me off for pointing out the obvious.

Winnie 02/07/2012 14:57

Are you so sure that Justice Kurz and Miss Monique are unconcerned with the esoterics of freemasonry ? And I assure you that certain of the Myosotis blogs,
including Myosotis Ligerian from which Zozime's letter was taken, are read on a daily basis by both of them.

Arturusrex 02/06/2012 23:09

Such as Bro Baldrick are the bane of freemasonry, thinking only in buinessmen's terms of efficiency and time-saving. Where do they see any humanity, any philosophy between the lines of their
officialdom dictates and terminology?
To dismiss as ranting rubbish the serious and fraternal worries of a brother puts Bro Baldrick, I fear, in his own WPB

Bro Baldrick. 02/06/2012 19:16

When I was working I used to get many letters, some were ranting, some were pleading, some were constructive and occasionally the odd one was congratulationary. (I used to frame them & keep
them on the office wall they were so rare!) I developed the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff at a very early stage. I was a busy man and time was precious. Whilst my Secretary was pretty
adept at filtering out the rubbish occasionally the odd one crept past her or was passed on to me because she considered it outwith her remit to respond. That was my job. I applied the following

Anything over a page and a half was a rant and got filed under WPB.
Anything that was insulting or abusive got filed under WPB.
Anything that didn't get to the point in the first paragraph or that didn't have a title that gave a clue to the content was filed under WPB.
Anything that tried to tell me how to do my job or was written in block capitals or without puctuation was filed under WPB.
Anything, however that asked me nicely and said 'I'm in a spot of bother can you help' usually escaped being filed under WPB and got a nice reply in return.

I guess Bro Zozime, whoever he is might think Mme Legrand and/or Maitre Kurz have got time to pore over his rantings, but personally I think his letter will have been filed under WPB.

What exactly is he asking? Is it just a rant? I think so.

He's probably very lucky that Mme Legrand hasn't replied with:

"Thank you very much for your nice letter, please find enclosed a nice shiny 20p piece - use it to ring someone who you might think gives a toss"

But she's probably far too busy. Same goes for His wigship.

(If you haven't already worked it out, WPB = waste paper basket)

One thing is now sure within the GLNF. Pay up or Bog off.

Winnie 02/06/2012 19:58

I prefer "VF" which doesn't mean "Vénérable Frère" ! And there's considerably more than just "rant" in Brother Zozime's letter. Those who were at the AGM on
Saturday will understand.