An open letter to those who know what’s going on…………and do nothing !!!

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Translation of an article posted by César du Bar de la Marine on Myosotis PACA link




Each day there are more and more of you who say you are opposed to François Stifani, but do not dare to join the opposition.


You know how the Obedience has run off the rails, you know that Stifani distributes trinkets and imitation honours by the truckload to those who are openly “arriviste”, and that he creates Lodges to flatter his ego.


You know that he excommunicates Brethren at the slightest whim, that he names and revokes membership of the Sovereign Grand Committee according to his personal interests.


You know he intends to get his hands on the ordinal Jurisdictions, in whose name he has already granted himself the right to intervene in the Rituals.


In other words : you know that Stifani scorns unscrupulously the masonic ideals and tradition.


And yet, you don’t react. While waiting for theoretical better days, you put your head in the sand.


You justify your inertia by the comfortable and totally illusory excuse that you want to maintain harmony in your Lodge. Your so-called harmony is that of a flock of sheep that Panurge, the archetypal unscrupulous traitor, leads to the cliff edge.


The day the masks come off, the day our young Brethren finally see what is going on, they won’t fail to reproach your inertia, or even your complacency. They will say to your face that inertia rhymes with complicity and that will be the end of the so-called harmony you pretended to maintain. Your Lodge will be in pieces.


React now while it’s still time, don’t lose face because “worse than the sound of jackboots is the silence of slippers”. (Max Frisch)





César du Bar de la Marine

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