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After months of total inactivity the administration of some of the GLNF satellites have woken and sprung into a frenzy of activity. Last Friday we saw the General Assembly of OAF and the debacle it turned out to be for Big Moustache and his board. Thanks to the mobilisation of FMR & Myosotis the vote against him was virtually unanimous.


You would think he’d have learned his lesson. But NO !!! Next cab off the rank is Hôpital Assistance International, another GLNF satellite where Big Moustache happens to be the President.

Convocation HAI


First surprise : According to the summons, the headquarters of HAI are in the Pisan bunker but the General Assembly has been called for in La Garde on the Riviera. Not far from Le Luc, where Big Moustache has his vineyard (you know, Château Paradis, served in the Pisan canteen), certainly more difficult to mobilise the opposition.


Second surprise : The date, Friday July 1st, just after the end of our masonic year, so most Lodges will not meet until September, 2 months later. And traditionally the first day of the summer holidays. Most brethren will be more concerned with their holiday departure. A General Assembly will be the least of their preoccupations.


Obviously with such careful orchestration the accounts are almost certain to be approved as will the budget for the coming year and our dues.


The ratification of the new Board will go smoothly.


But the biggest surprise is item n° 9 on the agenda, just before General Business…


Propsition of the nomination of President Jean-Charles FOELLNER as Founding President and Honorary President for life !!!


Perhaps someone should tell Big Moustache that since he was the founding President of HAI, by definition that is for life. No need to indulge in tautologies !


But Honorary President for life ???


Big Moustache has turned the title grabbing race into an art form. If the situation wasn’t so ludicrous I’d be tempted to weep.

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GARGOUILLE 06/21/2011 02:12

The association has been for such a long time now the property of a hopelessly thick clan that it is inconceivable to these people to accept to let go. The recruitment policy was established to
insure sufficient cash flow regardless of all others considerations. The screening of the new adepts was just a meaningless formality accomplished summarily to protect the appearances… The fact
that some members are sincere masons was used to make credible the huge fraud to others who are too gullible to be able to have their own thoughts!
To expose that well oiled sting has created an epidermal reaction from those thought to be the owners of all bodies and souls! As incredible as it seems, all these clowns feel betrayed by a bunch
of Puritans.
Years of hard labour and dividends are jeopardized! Totally unacceptable to the shareholders, hence the demoniac determination despite the odds to rip all that can be grasp rather than let go!
The unbelievable foolishness from most of the members has been the ideal breeding ground for fomenting and implementing such a collusion of interests.

Winnie 06/21/2011 10:02

Dear Brother Gargouille,

Unfortunately I must agree with you; The GLNF is severely ill, it needs drastic surgery, but with the right surgeon in the operating theatre I think the
patient will pull through. It all depends upon how many metres of intestine we have to cut out.