And the winner is …

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une victoire pyrrhique (4)

… the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française


Why ? Simply because François Stifani obtained 45% of the votes at today’s election of the new grand Master of the GLNF.


The other two on the podium were Jean Murat, ever the bridesmaid, never the bride, with exactly the same percentage as 4 years ago, 27%, followed by Jean-Pierre Servel, the Big Moustache clone, with 25%. I picked the trifecta in the correct order but I got the percentages wrong. César at the Bar de la Marine gets to keep his pastis ! The other candidates won’t even get their deposit back !


Let’s examine the result rationally. For more than two years Ephesse has been slashing through the Sovereign Grand Committee with a razor sharp machete. The slightest opposition was removed and replaced in larger numbers by Stifani “yes” men. 120 removed and replaced by 221. He has turned a once democratic body into his personal power base, selected by him to bow and scrape to his every whim. With armfuls of blue aprons for the asking. Who cares about talent or competence. The only necessity for a place in the SGC is to vote for François.

Theoretically Ephesse was a shoe in to win today. He should have come in with African banana republic scores nearing 90%. Perhaps he hasn’t been flying Air Bongo often enough recently. Quite honestly, 45% is a miserable score, an abject failure. With a totally captive Sovereign Grand Committee, selected personally by Stifani for Stifani, 45% is a total disaster for him. Effectively he elected himself. How come he only got 45% ? Because even his puppets have a few brains.

LML in English has heard rumours that a number of SGC members who are totally opposed to the current GLNF management deliberately voted for Ephesse, not because they want him to be Grand Master but exactly the opposite, to ensure he got the position and that  the Brethren would leave in droves. if that is the truth, even his pathetic 45% is undermined. In fact re-electing François Stifani is by far and away the best thing that could happen for the GL-AMF. The more Brethren who join the greater its legitimacy on an international front. The greater the lkelihood of rapidly obtaining international Recognition. And, in an eventual lawsuit to recover part of the GLNF assets there is a legal precedent here in France (the CGT - CFDT trade union schism) whereby they are allocated on the basis of membership numbers. But that is years and mega millions of lawyers fees away !

An interesting aspect of this farce is that stifani's election must be ratified by an AGM where Lodge delegates vote. Will he have the numbers ? Only time and some more vote fixing will tell !

The one real winner from yesterday's farce is the blue apron and baubles manufacturing industry. They're guaranteed good business for at least the next five years. And Sébastien D...c,the Paris Province PGM, who pretends to be some sort of author can now get back to writing the "official authorised" GLNF centenary history. I can hardly wait for my autographed copy !!! Pride of place in the only room in the house where I'm left in peace.

See you in Tours on April 28th for the consecration of the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française.

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Stephen Burrough 04/02/2012 12:47

The extraordinary legalistic intricacies and completely Kafka-like evolution of Stifani's manipulation of our now definitely and definitively lost GL have terminated with a ballot which has brought
him back as the ghostly GM of the shades of that defunct body. Lest the casual onlooker should think that he has now been brought back thanks to a regular sort of vote, and that, consequently, the
GLNF can now continue to be recognised as the GL in France, I would like to insist on the evil of his ways and the absolute loathing of him and his cronies that inhabits the true masons of France.
The worst disaster of all of the many we have undergone over the past years as members of the GLNF would be that overseas Grand Lodges fall into the mistaken belief that the GLNF is now salvable in
any way that might bring it back into practices compatible with masonry, honesty or honorability. It is not. Non-recognition of the GLNF by the international masonic community is the best hope we,
masons true of France can have that one day the new Grand Lodge Alliance will be recognised. Stephen Burrough

Allan sanders 04/02/2012 14:29

Brother Steve,

The international Freemason community well recognises the nefarious practices of Ephesse and his cronies. the proof is that yet another Grand Lodge has just
suspended relations with the GLNF, the GL of Ukraine this time. And they chose their date well (good contrepéterie for those who speak French !), April 1st ! An article will be published on this
blog in a few minutes.

Ymlaen 04/02/2012 08:28

In a perverse way, François Stifani's re-election is the best outcome for the future of our French Freemasonry. It forces wait-and-see Brothers to make a decision. Namely, more of the same
authoritarian cronyism, or a fresh, more democratic start with the Lodge, focused on individual spriritual development and fraternity, at the heart of a structure there to serve it and not the
other way around.

Allan Sanders 04/02/2012 12:11

If you read between the lines of my articles over the past week or so, that's exactly what i was hoping the SGC members would decide. The stronger the
stifani vote, the better in the long run for the new GL-AMF

Flanders province voice 03/31/2012 18:27

All this make me think of my old readings about the antechrist working hidden, back.
Maffia hand is over GLNF as antechrist.
It's not a joke, it has begun little by little, I realized two years ago that evil was inside GLNF.

Allan Sanders 04/01/2012 15:14

let's forget about the GLNF. leave stifani and his followers to their blue aprons and baubles. We have far better things to do, starting with the
consecration of the GL-AMF in Tours on April 28th. I'll see you there. Look for an ancient almost acceptable Scottish !!! You'll understand when you spot me.

Florida Mason 03/31/2012 12:30

What a shame and what a waste. In any case the GLNF is now dead. All of the US GL have withdrawn recognition and all dual members are having to resign from the GLNF if they still want to be members
of any US lodges.

Allan Sanders 03/31/2012 15:55

Are you sure that all American GLs have withdrawn recognition ? My reading is that the international recognition commission of the Conference of North
American GLs voted unanimously to RECOMMEND that North American GLs suspend relations or withdraw recognition. it is the individual decision of each GL to follow this recommendation or not. Since
the Conference, as far as I know,  the only GL to have suspended relations is Florida.

I'd be pleased to receive any additional information you have.