And then there were six, and only one round !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

The ink was hardly dry on my previous article when I learned that No Hero Heyraud had thrown in the towel. A rubber chicken got stuck in his throat at last night’s swish reception for the movers and shakers. Or maybe he put on his glasses and saw the writing on the wall. You know, “Bertrand, vote for me and I’ll give you the second biggest blue apron. FS”


No prizes for guessing who gets his vote : Ephesse himself.


So far he’s picked up the support of Lapdog Cano, Riviera Pirate Jacquet and Balloo the Legal Bear. And now No Hero Heyraud has shuffled back into line.


If Ephesse can pull another rabbit out of the hat and put the election off to Easter Bunny Day he might even get Murat voting for him !


The other last minute news is that Ephesse finally won a round in court. All Miss Monique’s two round election planning goes right down the gurgler. Late this afternoon the Paris Supreme Court decided that the election would be decided on a single round with a simple majority. In plain English, the bloke with the most votes, wins.


Theoretically a candidate with about 20% will be the new Grand Master. But I’m sure Ephesse is hoping for figures closely resembling the banana republic scores so dear to his mates in Bongo Land ! And he has every chance of getting it. After all, he’s spent the past 2 years stacking the ballot box.


César at the Bar de la Marine is offering free pastis to every Brother who picks the trifecta (first three in the right order) with a margin of + or – 3%.


Okay César, I’ll play your silly game :


1. Ephesse     65%

2. Murat        13%

3. Servel        8%

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