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giving a good idea of the atmosphere in France in late January 2011.          

From Myosotis Limousin, signed Guinguigouin


Some say our Blog is not demagogic. Our talk is not ppoular.

That’s correct, we are not trying to be popular, and we aren’t out for voters.

Perhaps our strength lies precisely there, where our politically oriented opponents are out for voters and trying to be popular.

Every time a so-called or self-named “revolutionary” brother turns his back on us, we know it is because our talk upsets him, and, if it upsets him, that is because we are not aiming quite the same way, or with the same ambitions.

That our ambition is immense we will not deny: it is to expel F.S and his clique from where they are and cause their nuisance   and to restore to the lodges their full functionality. Our ambition is to ensure that result and not to render arms before.

Some have politically oriented after thoughts. Their resistancy may spring from noble sentiments, but they will always be prone to compromise simply to obtain power..

Our strategy is simple, not simplistic. (just to cue our detractors!)

 Simple, inexpensive and a good investment (sorry to be repetitive !)

Where and when the lodges turn away from the present directorate, refusing admission to provincial officers, not reading out GL or PGL Ordinances, not paying their dues, and, in some cases, declaring themselves to be Free Lodges,  it only remains to gather together now into a Federation of Free Lodges, and the game is won.

Nobody, needless to say, resigns from the GLNF, whatever the pressure they are subjected to. And by remaining members, brethren retain their voting rights in all ballots and elections. 

If there are enough of us we will win.  The Lodges will be able to dictate their conditions and not have to submit to the orders of brothers however well-meaning they pretend to be. (it is astonishing just how many well-meaning brothers there suddenly are around us!)will not be a quick way to win, unless F.S steps down of his own. He still holds the trump cards, regulations carefully concocted   during the reign of C.C. which give him much latitude for drawing out the process. (He will always be able to apply to the Courts asking them to apply them to the letter).

Why is it that all those who are opposed to F.S don’t go for the most straightforward solution? The question has to be asked and the answers are worrying.  



In a recent revelation by Bro « Berechit » in an article entitled « Les cent jours” (The Hundred Days) on another Blog, we read:

“Few brethren know that in December the GLNF hosted a show at the LIDO in Paris for brethren invited from all over the world! Over 500 such invites @ 120 euros per head a ticket, to see the “highly initiatory”, plus the cost of rooms in the best hotels! How much did that knock out of our contributions and dues? (calculation : 120X500= 60 000€ + 500 hotel rooms = ?).

This piece of information, if confirmed, will go alongside the other costs involved in the national jamborees he organizes. But, F.S. refuses to let us have details of his accountancy, thus fuelling our worst suspicions.

Of course, having said all this, we are now able to appreciate his reluctance to organize a General Assembly, which would involve side items of a magnitude we had not initially imagined!


To guarantee the success of February 5th, the organizers might be well advised to proceed in like manner; if they do, we will guarantee bus loads of supporters. Mind you, the procession of pretenders to the throne as they march past will be worth its weight in peanuts, as shows go!

We are very concerned by the many declarations made by eminent brothers who all want to save us from opprobrium and disgrace.


For those of you who are waiting to know the Order of Business for February 5th,  we will let you have it asap.



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