Another PGM gets the sack

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The October 16th multi-site Annual General Meeting of the GLNF French 1901 law civil association (since declared illegal by the French courts) had only 3 items listed on its published agenda :


  1. the approval of the annual report of activity for 2009 – 2010
  2. the approval of the financial report for 2009 -2010
  3. the approval of the budget for 2010 -2011


There was no provision for general business, nor questions from the floor.


At the Maine Atlantique Province assembly the 86 voters present rejected the 1st item and approved the other 2 by a comfortable majority. At the end of the assembly a Worshipful Master asked permission to read a motion. It was passed to the Grand Provincial Orator who read a document criticising the actions of François Stifani in his capacity as Grand Master of the GLNF and asking him to step down discreetly before the end of 2010. The motion was signed by 5 Worshipful Masters present at the assembly. At the request of all the BB present the Provincial Grand Master, Jacques Buchet, put the motion to the vote. The result : 74 for, none against, 12 abstentions !!


As soon as François Stifani heard the result he began to put pressure on the PGM to resign. Twice he formally asked him to resign. Twice the GMP refused. In the early days of December, perhaps the last days of November, François Stifani sacked Jacques Buchet, member of his closest circle of advisors, the 14 man Conseil des Sages, freemason with over 35 years of contribution to the GLNF and founding PGM of a province where peace and harmony are bywords.


To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Something is rotten in the state of GLNF” !!!

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Comment on this post

M. de Roxanne 12/21/2010 18:52

… and founding PGM of a province where peace and harmony are bywords.

I was a frequent visitor to the part of the Province of Brittany which became “Maine Atlantique” some (not very many) years ago, and was sickened by the absence of Peace and Harmony. Power seeking
and Intrigue are the words I would have used. I was always made very welcome, as it was clear to all I was not seeking power. Others had to keep looking over their shoulder.

Stephen Burrough 12/17/2010 18:26

The departure of the excellent Jacques Buchet nearly makes it safe to say that what's left in the Provinces can be left to the flood waters. Are there any who haven't yet realised which side they
are on?