Appeal decision postponed till January 13th, 2012

Published on by Winnie

Ephesse 1st has edged a little closer to his stated objective of remaining in office until the end of his mandate in December 2012. And probably being a candidate for his own succession and therefore hoping to occupy the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker until December 2017 (perish the thought !!!).


On October 18th the Paris Court of Appeal announced (without explanation on the delay) that it would bring down its decision on January 13th, 2012. So we must wait almost another 3 whole months to know where we are going.


I remind you that this appeal concerns a Supreme Court decision announced in January of this year charging Maître legrand with the organisation of the GLNF Association AGM “without delay” !


Readers are justly right in wondering what influence Ephesse or his advisors have over the court decision makers that the final decision is constantly pushed back. Could it be that this GLNF question has implications going far beyond the walls of Pisan ? Could it be that some of the 13 letters Ephesse has written to the Elysée Palace contain information too hot to handle ? Could this question touch the subject of “Françafrique”, the question of a French Connection” in Central Africa, where major French enterprises hold billion dollar contracts watched over by the dictator presidents of those countries who just happen to be Grand Master of their country’s Grand Lodge, created and consecrated by the GLNF ? Could there be a link with the accusations made in Pierre Péan’s latest book, “Les Mallettes de la République” ?

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