Argentina withdraws recognition of the GLNF

Published on by Allan Sanders

The gangrene has spread to South America. Last year Argentina was one of the first south American grand Lodges to react to the antics of the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. Back then they took the initial step of suspending relations with the GLNF, the traditional warning to a grand Lodge to take the necessary measures to return to the straight and narrow.

Ephesse has ignored the warning. So the Grand Lodge of Argentina has taken the ultimate strep of severing recognition definitively.  2012-06-24-Declaration-de-la-GL-d-Argentine-english---Copi 2012-06-24-Declaration-de-la-GL-d-Argentine-english---Copi

Who will be next ?

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Momo du Cantal 06/30/2012 16:46

Very interesting and we may wonder why some brethren still hesitate to leave GLNF which has become a simple association. I am surprised to see that Grand Loge de France is considered as a possible
solution of recognition of an obedience in France: the members of this honorable institution are not interested and prefer the links they have with other French obediences in France such as "le
Grand Orient".
Why not tie links with the "Grande Loge de l'Alliance Maçonnique Française" which is the "life boat of the brethren form the sinking GLNF?
Brethren of the world, please, Help!

Allan Sanders 07/01/2012 14:02

Brother Momo, What is needed in france ia a complete rethink to rid ourselves of the reputation overseas of "le French bordel". If the crucial questions of
inter-visits, the relations between the obedience and the Jurisdiction and their notion of the Great Architect can be resolved within the GLdF why not envisage some sort of federation between the
GL-AMF, the GLdF and a few of the smaller bodies. The GLNF is no longer Regular, it is having its Recognition withdrawn all over the world (watch this space nex weekend !). The quality of labour
within the GLdF is unquestioned. 2012 could be the year for a complete reforma&tion of Regular and Traditional French Freemasonry.